Saturday, December 4, 2010

Florence + the Machine's been awhile. But I have a new(ish) infatuation. Her name is Florence. And apparently she has a machine. She is a musical genius. Partake of a favorite of mine, The Dog Days Are Over (and this love is completely independent of the trailer for Eat. Pray. Love. AND the latest installment of GLEE).

And another one (used on one of my favorite dances from last season of So You Think You Can Dance). The idiots at YouTube won't let me embed, so if you want to see it, HERE is the link.

Check her out. You won't be sorry you did.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Untitled 8.6.10 turns out that Real Simple agrees with my shrink. Today's thought is:

“We’re so busy watching out
for what’s just ahead of us
that we don’t take time to
enjoy where we are.”

― Bill Watterson

There is absolutely nothing wrong with just dating for fun (unfortunately, I didn't learn this lesson when I was 17). I am NOT going to marry everyone I date, nor do they want to marry me, or commit to me long-term, or be with me 24 hours a day. They just want to have fun with me, with the possibility of seeing where it goes. I've been so paranoid in my dating ventures that I have neglected having fun with the guys I go out with - I'm just constantly looking for the signs that I could marry them...doing both of us a huge disservice! I know, I'm severely retarded.

Now that I've revealed all my neuroses to the blogosphere (or at least the 4 people who actually read my blog), again, I ask, please withhold judgment...or at least judge me in person.

Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm Coming Out of the Closet

The last two months I've been living something of a lie. My life has a huge secret I feel I need to reveal...

I. Am. A. Plasma Donor.

Turns out I like to spend money. Consequently, I'm running out of money to spend. Therefore, I've turned to alternative means to supplement my income (means that don't involve taking my clothes off in public). I was ashamed of this decision, being aptly employed with an adequate salary...but that inclination to spend overtook me and I needed more cash. Please try to withhold judgment.

It hasn't been all bad - I got a date out of it. He's quite a cutie, but after only one date, I can't divulge many details without putting the kibosh on the whole thing. He took me to see Inception, and allowed me to put him through 2 hours of John Mayer and So You Think You Can Dance, and he actually tried to come back for more the next day. He was the perfect gentleman. Perhaps he will last longer than the usual 2 dates.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The "NEW" John Mayer

So...there's a long boring saga about how I finally got "Cute Plasma Boy" to ask me out...and I can fill you in on the deets later. But there's a more pressing issue...apparently there's a guy out there masquerading as my John Mayer, calling himself "Jon Meyer." Trust me, I was alarmed when I found this note on my car this morning on my way to church...

Click the pic to enlarge

Cute as it was, it is sincerely one of the strangest post-date happenstances I have ever experienced. I guess I should just be grateful to know he was paying attention when I made him watch "Storytellers: John Mayer" when we got back from the movie.
Call it a form of initiation.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Did YOU Want to be an Icon??

It's true...I embarked on an 18 hour adventure with the Shark, all the way down to Vegas for a show that WASN'T John Mayer. *Gasp*

I'm sure she hates when I do this, but Tib wrote a fantastic write up of the Keane show at the House of Blues, complete with pictures and video - man, she's awesome! Suffice it to say, they pleased me. I might even consider seeing them again.

  • Meeting Mindi and her St. George posse
  • Learning what defines a "douche nozzle" in Tib's book
  • Getting to see Ingrid Michaelson cover Toxic (and I guess the rest of her stuff wasn't too shabby either)
  • Seeing Tib "sweat like a whore in church" awaiting Keane's arrival on stage
  • Not getting to stay longer in our posh hotel
  • Not making out with Ingrid Michaelson's super cute merch guy (what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? I guess I didn't get the memo...)
  • Not buying the shirt above...I have to admit I've looked at it three times on the website wishing it was in stock...should have coughed over the $30 at the show...le sigh. wish you came too.

Untitled 7.27

Carry her in your arms, and pretend you'll throw her in the swimming pool... She'll scream and hit you, but secretly she'll love it. Hold her hand while you talk. Hold her hand while you drive. Simply hold her hand. Tell her she looks pretty. Look into her eyes while you talk to her. Protect her. Tell her stupid jokes. Tickle her, even if she tells you to stop. When she starts cursing at you, tell her you love her. Let her fall asleep in your arms. Make her mad, then kiss her. Tease her. Let her tease you back. Kiss her cheek. Kiss her forehead. Just kiss her. Let her wear your clothes. Go slow. Don't force anything, and when you fall in love with her, tell her.

*Stolen from a friend's Facebook page

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Daily Thought

I receive daily thoughts from Real Simple in my inbox. Some days they are silly, other days a little more philosophical. Yesterday's was particularly appropriate:

“Life is all about timing...
the unreachable becomes reachable,
the unavailable become available,
the unattainable...attainable.
Have the patience, wait it out.”

― Stacey Charter

...I'm just letting it sink in.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Red-Eyed and Blue

source: Le Love

No fresh man pain...just reminiscing over what could have been...
*Bonus points if you can guess the song I'm quoting in the title

Saturday, June 12, 2010

City Deals Benefits JDRF

Have you ever used City Deals? If you haven't, you SHOULD! It's a huge site incorporating discount gift cards - it's seriously like getting FREE money. And even better is that City Deals just partnered with JDRF - we get 50% of all proceeds we generate! That's HUGE! Those links are to JDRF's actual deal page- so you can spread that URL like wild fire!

With Father's Day right around the corner, this would be a great option to purchase some last minute gift cards for dad - there are tons of golf courses, restaurants, automotive, and retail deals (and tons more I don't feel like listing).

This is also a great way to stock up on funding for places you visit on a regular basis - like your favorite office lunch spot, or your favorite date night restaurant. Seriously, I can't say enough about this site!

There's also great hot spots for the family for summer - Cowabunga Bay, Seven Peaks, Cherry Hill, Classic Skating, Clark Planetarium...on and on. Even some great hot spots for YOU - Got Beauty, numerous nail salons and spas...

AND, like I stated earlier, 50% of your purchases comes right back to JDRF to help find a cure for diabetes. City Deals loves us so much that they even created us our very own custom button for your blog:

CityDeals - Discounts Savings and Gift Cards

If you have a vested interest in finding a cure (OR if you love me and want to help) you can grab this button for your sidebar. If you love me EVEN more, you'll re-blog about this awesome opportunity to help find a cure. I thank you in advance for your support. :)

I would be happy to send out the code for the button...shoot me an email or comment with your email address and it's yours. Thanks for playing.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Celebrity Crush #4

This one spawns from movies that should be considered too "juvenile" for my taste. Sadly, though, I don't think even the most seasoned of movie critics can deny the attractiveness of Robert Hoffman.

He stars in movies such as She's the Man, and Step Up 2: The Streets, and he's just awful nice to look at.

He is quite the jacka** in She's the Man, but he bears his pectorals a lot, and who can argue with that?

He's the fantastic non-street dancer in Step Up 2, and exhibits some mad dance skills amidst the awful acting.

AND, by scanning his resume on imdb, it even indicates other on-screen "highlights" to include From Justin to Kelly (which, sadly, I have to cop to seeing that one on opening night in an empty theater), Gigli, and Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. maybe he has had a less-than-stellar career, but at least most of these credits are as "dancer," so at least we know he's not trying to masquerade as a "real" actor. He's still awfully easy on the eyes...

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I'm completely stealing this idea from a blog I stalk (Bits of B)...and I know it's after midnight, but I thought I'd let the creative juices flow for a few minutes before beddie-bye. Feel free to play along if you feel so inclined...
If I was a season, I’d be Fall
If I was a piece of furniture, I'd be a Chaise Lounger
If I was a country, I'd be England
If I was a food, I'd be a Minestrone Soup

If I was a candy, I'd be a Sour Patch Watermelon

If I was a flower, I'd be a Phalaenopsis Orchid
If I was a song, I'd be In Repair by John Mayer
If I was an instrument, I'd be a Snare Drum
If I was a color, I'd be Red
If I was a letter, I'd be an email
If I was a book, I'd be Confessions of a Shopaholic
If I was a time of day, I'd be Midnight
If I was a drink, I'd be Diet Coke

If I was a holiday, I'd be Thanksgiving

If I was a store, I'd be Target

If I was a word, I'd be "panache"
If I was a person, I’d be me - and I'd change the world
If I could know the future, I wouldn't worry so much about the outcome of my life.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

RC Willey Haste

So we went down to the Willey last night. After a long, painful, and agonizing search on the internet (KSL, Craigslist,, and many, MANY other retailers), I finally ended the search for couches to replace the beasts I have now. It was a moment of glorious bliss when I told Patti I would take them.

A little backstory on the couches that now occupy my living space. These bad boys are the couches I grew up with. Paul and I would chase each other around them (which may or may not have been misconstrued by our parents as dancing) when we were little. I mean really little (6 or 7 - you do the math). My grandparents slept on the pullout when they visited us in Kansas. Many years of Christmas gifts were displayed in an ever-so-neat arrangement on them. My parents were kind enough to bestow them upon me when I first moved to Salt Lake four years ago. I was ecstatic - my only existing piece of furniture was my papasan, so they made a nice addition.

But, alas, all things must come to an end. I'm moving shortly, and I was desperate to NOT move them to the new place, knowing that once they went in, getting them out would be a task. So, I took my trusty friends (and opinion-givers), knowing they wouldn't let me do anything stupid, we met Patti, sat our asses in the beautiful microfiber creations, and it was immediate love at first sit. I said, "I'll take it!" and we were on our way to check out.

En route to the cashier, I was busily checking my phone to update my Facebook, and gandering at the other pretty furniture I can't afford. In the midst of all this distraction, I almost missed the clear and blatant sign that was blaring from the gorgeous 50+" flat screen right in front of me - the Willey had the Where the Light Is DVD playing on their display TVs! Immediately, any kind of apprehension or hesitation I might have been feeling was washed away. The Mayer is definitely a sign - and I can't wait to watch that DVD again from the comfort of my new couches in my new apartment!

**Side note: the beast couches are for sale - I will entertain any reasonable offers
**Side note #2: now taking applications for movers AND a temporary home for these beauts until they reach their new place on June 1st

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I think we made mom happy this Mother's Day.

I decided long ago (October when I was in Kentucky, visiting the Shaker Village) that I was going to make my mom a Tree of Life cross-stitch. I just didn't know it was going to take until Mother's Day to complete the project. Since I was so organized this year, I figured I needed to shake it up a little bit, so Leigh and also decided we'd try our hand (read: Leigh would try HER hand) at Edible Arrangements. I think it turned out FAB! Not to mention, it was delicious! I honestly can't take any credit for the beauty of this bad boy - Leigh did it all. I was just a very vocal financial backer.

I love you mom! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's/Birth Day

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Waxing Philosophical

My life, of late, has become something of a difficulty. I have struggled to find the happiness I once thought I had, and struggled to find the blunders with which to blame my frustrations. As I sometimes do, I ventured home this afternoon to seek advice from the old man. After a good talk, and the shedding of some tears (sometimes it just feels good to cry), I realized that my life is not all that bad.

I'm not saying I am depressed, I'm just saying I often neglect to see the forest for all the trees. During the past few difficult weeks, life has smiled on me more than I have allowed myself to see. I need to better learn to see the little pockets of happiness that are given to me on a regular basis.

I have a wonderful family who supports me more than I deserve - be it professional or personal, they are there. My family loves me, no matter who I am or who I become.

I have an education and a job that collectively afford me an enjoyable quality of life, with many luxuries that a lot of the world aren't given. I have a roof over my head, food to eat, clean water, and an abundance of clothing.

I have friends that care about me and my happiness.

I have a loving Heavenly Father who knows me better than I know myself, and allows me to experience trials in life that will make me a better person in the end.

We all know that I love the Mayer, and once again I found his lyrical genius soothing my battered soul this afternoon: "Pain throws your heart to the ground. Love turns the whole thing around. No, it won't all go the way it should, but I know the heart of life is good."

Monday, April 26, 2010

SLC Half Marathon

Last year when I was training for the Bear Lake Half, I ran the SLC Marathon 5K as part of my prep (albeit, that day I should have run 8 miles, but still...). As I stood at the finish line watching as the half marathoners came in, I felt a pang of emotion - sadness that it wasn't me finishing my own half, and extreme pride for those that were finishing. I even watched the amazingly talented em-cat cross the finish line - before she was my friend. I SO wanted it to be me - so this year, I made it happen.

The forecast for the weekend was gorgeous - the temperature wasn't going to break 60 degrees until after 10 am, and by that time I would be done and gone. I picked up my packet on Friday and left work a few hours early, ready to mentally prep for Saturday. Saturday, April 17th dawned bright and early - I left the house around 5:50am (an ungodly hour my body only sees on Walk Day) and booked it to the Gateway. I chomped down my banana on the way and made my way to TRAX to head up to the U. I met up with Mya (a gal from my parents neighborhood) and some of her friends to ride the train to the starting line and we chatted a bit, trying really hard to not let the anxiety get to me. I chugged a Vitamin Water on the way up the hill (and it took FOREVER, mainly because of the sheer number of riders), so naturally when we got to the starting line (15 minutes before the shotgun start), I had to pee like crazy. Consequently, so did everyone else.

We stood in line - listened to the sponsors of the race, Mayor Corroon encouraging the racers, the National Anthem, and yup....the shotgun start. I still had my gear bag that I needed to stash with the gear truck for careful transport back to the Gateway - and, you guessed it, we heard the announcement that the gear truck was leaving as well. I wouldn't have cared about my sweatshirt, but my car keys were also in the bag. I made an executive decision to kindly ask a gal in jeans (i.e. a marked non-runner) if she would take my gear bag back to the Gateway and get it with the rest of them. She said she would and I had serious doubts about ever seeing my keys again. But nevermind that, I had a race to run!

I finally started the race (unsure of how late I started, and really hoping I would still be able to cross the finish line relatively close to when I asked my family to arrive) and I knew it would be a great race as I was running down Mario Capecchi and Heartbreak Warfare came up on the 'ole iPod. Love it! The trending for the first stretch was an easy downhill grade and actually quite pleasant.

I got down to about Sugarhouse Park (6 or so miles in) and started to feel it in my hips. I was making sure to adequately hydrate at each aid station, with both water and Powerade, but it wasn't helping matters much. One of the houses along the route was even handing out bacon (why, I'll never know). I kept plugging along, knowing it would all be done soon enough.

I found myself at mile 9 around Liberty Park, and I remembered the few miserable training runs I did there last year. As I made my way out of the park, I realized I was so close to being done, but I was starting the State Street climb - one of the only stretches of road that was pretty moderately uphill. It was at this point that I started seeing an aura in my left field of vision. This has never happened to me before and I was a little freaked out. That hill, and the vision issues all but killed my motivation, and the self-talk got really intense. People were passing me, and I felt like a snail creeping up the road. Perseverance and a few good tunes and I was on South Temple. I saw a guy mouth to the woman in front of me "Only one more mile!" I was so motivated by that!

Working my way along South Temple, I noticed the crowds of spectators becoming more and more prevalent, and I remembered with a swell of pride that my parents would be waiting for me at the finish line. Last year Krista was at the finish line cheering for me, but there's something about having someone who shares your DNA that makes that moment all the more enjoyable. I started watching for them, but never found them in the crowd. I was overcome with such intense emotion and accomplishment as I turned the corner into the Gateway and the finish chute. I remembered the emotions I felt the year before and almost teared up as I started sprinting to the finish. I almost felt defeated as I crossed the finish line with the official time clock reading 2:22:54, and I had to remind myself that I had gotten a late start. I couldn't worry about that - I needed replenishment!

They herded me through the chute and I was bombarded with food and beverage. I wanted to find my parents, and was seriously upset at the length of the lines to pick up your gear bag. I wandered out from the tents and immediately found my parents just outside the menagerie - what a coincidence! We snapped a few pictures, my mom so kindly offered to stand in the ginormous line to get my bag (after I explained what happened, we all started praying that my keys actually ended up at the finish line), and we headed off for breakfast. My second half marathon experience was officially over.

I got home and anxiously pulled up the site to check my official "chip" time. 2:09:31 (overall pace of 9:53). All the emotions of the day again washed over me and my heart swelled with pride. I finished 6 minutes faster than last year, shaving nearly 30 seconds off my pace. It wasn't as fast as I had hoped, but the improvement over last year was enough to make me happy about what I had accomplished. Perhaps I shall entertain thoughts of a third.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Battle Studies, Round 3

It's not Wednesday - but I have no words. I will be sitting (or, rather, standing and cheering vigorously) on that star on August 31st to see the Mayer for a third time this year. That makes for a gooooood year.

p.s. I haven't forgotten that I still need to blog about that race I did on Saturday. Patience - it is forthcoming.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Madonna. Simply saying the word aloud makes me feel powerful.
~Sue Sylvester this made me all kinds of happy tonight. Vogue has long been one of my Madonna favorites, but Sue Sylvester makes it all the more delightful! Next week is the Madonna themed episode of Glee and I'm so excited!

There's even a cameo by cute Nathan Trasoras from the last season of So You Think You Can Dance.

Monday, April 12, 2010

MBP Does Giveaway?!

So...awhile back I posted about how I let these guys rate me on their blog. The jury's still out on whether that was a stupid decision or not.

Well, I still follow Mormon Bachelor Pad (despite my better judgment), and they are doing a giveaway. Now, were it ANY other giveaway, I probably wouldn't care. BUT, they are giving away a Shabby Apple Five to Nine dress. Oh, how I {heart} Shabby Apple! I haunt their site on a regular basis, dreaming of the day I can actually give in and drop a hundy on a beautiful dress. Sissy actually got me a Shabby Apple frock to wear as a bridesmaid at her wedding...FYI, I rocked it. I probably wouldn't choose the Five to Nine, but it's beautiful regardless...and I'm sure I could rock it as well.

In case you're wondering, my preference would be the Bugle Boy or the Sheep Meadow.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In case you're wondering...I want to have John Mayer's babies

I like to think that the fact that I've seen the Mayer perform in two countries makes me a "true fan." I mean, how many people (besides Tiburon) would invest the cash, time, and resources to go to a concert - two nights in a row? Canada came and went in a blur (all but the last 3 hours in the country, spent anxiously waiting a border crossing - but that's a story for later).

Getting into the country was easy - a quick 10 minutes off the I-5 and we were in business. As we meandered around Vancouver, we found our hotel and took to the primping. I learned firsthand just how expensive Canadian toiletries are. We had a wonderfully fantastic $16 caesar salad at the Shark Bar, puttered off to our $30 parking space, and made our way into GM Place in the misting rain.

Again, I wasn't overly jazzed to hear Franti again (and a wee bit pissed about our seats at the very back of the arena - fan seating, my ass), so the show was off to a great start. Once they drew the curtain, however, the Mayer anticipation set in with a vengeance. I was seriously freaking out again - Heartbreak Warfare rocked my pants right off (well, not literally, but you get the gist). The energy was already better than the night before - higher in ways that one cannot experience legally in the U.S. (if you catch my drift).

The fabulous set continued, and Mayer didn't disappoint. Despite the awful seats, the show was freaking amazing. The moment that absolutely made the trip was when flames lit up the stage and I heard that opening riff to Slow Dancing in a Burning Room. I'm not lying when I say I think I had a baby orgasm. The performance was so impassioned and I was transported back in time to the first time I heard it live at Red Rocks. Fabulous.

He again played Assassin, and again the mood was intense and the crowd was wild (and the lala girls were totally wigging out - hard to miss). The remainder of the set list was pretty good, with only a few standout parts - first of which was All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye acoustic. This was one of my favorites from Battle Studies (well, let's face it - there's not many that I dislike), and performed without the band, it was pretty dang good.

Second standout item of the evening - seeing Tiburon practically piss her pants when the intro to Neon started. She REALLY wanted him to perform this one (probably about the same as me wanting to hear Slow Dancing) and her reaction was seriously priceless.

Again, the closing song was Half of My Heart, and again, I totally dug it. This time, however, it was infused with a rendition of Don't Stop Believing (making for a fantastic combo). I think the Canadian Mayer fans did him proud (prouder than the American fans - but hey, when illegal substances are involved, is there really a contest?) and the energy prior to the encore was palpable - he didn't stay off stage for too long before coming back out and playing Who Says and Gravity. What a great way to wrap up the night. And again, Tib hasn't disappointed - her concert recap is stellar. Her video is amazing.

Some other non-Mayer related highlights:
  • Tib almost hitting an elderly lady
  • Waiting 3 SOLID hours to cross back into the USA (still surprised they let us back in - but had they not, there was another Mayer show in Calgary two nights later...just sayin')
  • Meeting Tib's awesome family and getting a better understanding of her "roots."
  • Eating Tib's mom's AMAZING cooking - a fab beef dish, and seriously, I'm not a beef eater - and I ate the ENTIRE thing.
  • NOT getting a stamp in my passport for leaving the country (ok, this really is a drawback - but in a post about Mayer, I can't say anything negative....unless it's about our seats)
  • CUPCAKES for breakfast!
  • Staying up until 3am talking like high schoolers
Best part of the whole thing? Knowing that in August, the whole affair can happen again, here in the SLC...he's performing at USANA on August 31st.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hold on. We might die.

There are few things in life that please me as much as hearing The Mayer play live. He is one of my life's great loves. His music whispers to my soul. I'm on a Mayer high and I'm not sure I want to come down.

8:15 am, Wednesday morning rolled around quick (considering I procrastinated packing until the wee small hours as usual). I pulled up at Tib's house just in time to see her kids emerging in their PJs for the quick jaunt to the airport. After waiting what felt like hours to de-ice the plane, we were off, and a short 2 hours and 3 minutes, we landed at SEA-TAC. We got our rental car and swiftly headed up to Broadway for a Dick's Burger (totally kicked In and Out's ass), did some shopping downtown, and headed out to Tib's parents to get ready for our Mayer experience number 1.

We got to the Key Arena in Seattle, procured our souvenir tour t-shirts, found our seats (on the floor, row AA28) and waited. We got there an hour early. Thanks to a Ticketmaster glitch, we thought the show started at 7, when indeed it started at 8. No matter - it just gave us an extra few minutes to sweat out the anticipation (it really had been TOO LONG since I witnessed the Mayer in all his LIVE glory).

Michael Franti and Spearhead opened - not my favorite, but they did a great job elevating the energy and engaging the audience. Dirty hippies make the best openers. I was ready for them to be done long before they were - I was seriously pissing my pants with anxious anticipation. Following Franti's set, the crew set to work (not quickly enough) preparing the stage for the main event. And seriously, I don't think any crew has ever worked slower.

Finally, the lights went out and the crowd went wild. I don't think my heart has ever beat that fast - I had researched the prior shows and I knew what I was in store for in the coming moments. He opened with Heartbreak Warfare, easily one of my favorites from Battle Studies. I could not believe how amped I was! But, again, as I said earlier, there are few things in life that please me more than listening to Mayer live.

The rest of the set was fantastic. With one exception - not many "talkies." Mayer always has some great anecdotes and musings to accompany his music, and those talkies were distinctly missing from the evening's performance. As we all know, the Mayer has had a helluva year thusfar, sticking his foot in his mouth more times than I care to acknowledge. I pictured a very one-sided conversation between Mayer and his publicist before the show to go something like this:

"John, you better be careful tonight, because if you open your mouth and embarrass yourself or me one more time, I might just castrate you."

I was a wee bit disappointed at the absence of talkies, but the music was phenomenal - just as it always is. I won't go in depth with the set list, but rest assured, Tib's always got my back, keeping immaculate records, and has documented the whole night with photo and video. He included an amazing 4-5 song sub-set of pure acoustic bliss - it is seriously Mayer at his finest. I think my favorite song of the night was a toss up between Assassins or Half of My Heart. These two were definitely not my immediate favorites on the album, but performed live, they were BOSS! Assassins was definitely more intense on stage than on the album, and included a bitchin' guitar solo mid-stream. Half of My Heart, I've decided, is another of my life's theme songs. Performed live (sans T-Swift), I fell in love.

Great show. Definitely worth every penny and ounce of effort I put in.

Stay tuned...the great international Mayer experience coming soon :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I am Cougar, Hear Me ROAR

(and I definitely don't mean this in the BYU variety...)

I have always claimed to like older men. In dating scenarios, I feel like if the guy is older than me, they are "dominant." Just as if they were taller than me, or outweighed me by more than 10 pounds. I've always had a dominant personality so it's always been important for me to find those characteristics in guys I date.

I guess my "cougar" tendencies really started to come out in high school (strangely, when I had only been dating a year or two). There were a handful of freshmen boys I coveted during my own senior year. What can I say - they were adorable. I even had baby crushes on my brothers' friends.

During my adult life, I put that side of me to rest - insisting on only dating guys who were my age or older. Yet last year when the opportunity arose to go out with a guy I had been lusting after for months, despite his very young age, I took it. He was taller than me (by a head), and outweighed me by at least 10 pounds (times 5 or more), there was just this little matter of 6 years I had to look past. And look past, I did. I talked to some friends about it, dubbed myself a "cradle-robbing, cougar, whore" and got on with it. It seemed the only one who had issue with my age was me. Sadly he has left me for 2 years (you figure out why).

Since then, I have semi-fully embraced the title Cougar (although I don't think you can actually be called a cougar until you are 40). I have found solace in being attracted to the younger generation of Hollywood:

Joe Jonas

Zac Efron

Fast forward to THIS Monday in my real life. I'm working on a fundraising campaign through several high schools in the state and I had the privilege of visiting West High to motivate and encourage them in their efforts. I showed them the ever-motivating "Sydney Video," answered several intelligent questions about diabetes and went back to the office. Their teacher called me a few minutes later and told me I had forgotten to bring some supplies she needed, so I booked it back to the school the second time. As I dropped the materials off, she mentioned to me that after I left some of the boys were talking about me, "I think they would fundraise better if you come talk to the class a few more times - they think you're pretty cute." I had a little giggle walking back to my car, flattered and appalled at the thought of high school boys being attracted to me.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Takeoffs and Landings

In the past eight days (that's 192 hours), I've driven to the Salt Lake International Airport no less than five times.

The first (Wednesday, March 3rd) was to drive myself, en route to Boise for what seemed the 50th time this year.

Second (Friday, March 5th) was to pick up the lovely and fabulous Tiburon and Hub from their excursion to Mexico.

Third (Saturday, March 6th) was to really pick up the lovely and fabulous Tiburon and Hub when their flight actually landed in SLC (I had my wires crossed the first time - silly me).

Fourth was this morning, being the amazing roommate that I am, to take Bre and the Skipper to catch their flight to a luxury resort in Mexico (seriously, what's with all the trips to Mexico - and why is no one taking me with them?!).

...And finally

Fifth was this morning, continuing to heighten my roommate status, to take Bre her passport, which she left, forlorn, on her bedroom desk.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Quit Playing Games With My Heart

I was driving home from the gym tonight, scanning the radio waves and stumbled upon a true classic. I was launched back to 1996, the year the Backstreet Boys debut album was released:

  • I was only 13 years old
  • I was in 8th grade at American Fork Junior High
  • I had braces on my teeth
  • I thrived on riding my bike to Smith's to buy cheap nail polish, Bonne Bell, colored mascara, and Lee press-on nails.
  • I was best friends with Kim Hansen - we bonded in band, she on the flute, I on the clarinet.
  • I had a crush on Sean Johnson - his place in my youthful crushes was sealed when Mr. Dickerson wanted he and I to get in "the crawl box" together (as the two smallest pupils in 7th grade science)
  • We had The Box (which was forbidden to watch, until my dad discovered that during the month of October Michael Jackson's Thriller could be requested - at that moment, the ban was lifted for a short time. Interestingly enough, the ban was again lifted for BSB's As Long As You Love Me as well). When this particular music video was released, it ended up on the air non-stop. It was during this time that I fell in love with Nick Carter - how can you NOT love him (and even the other four) sloshing around in the water?!
  • YouTube is retarded and won't let me embed video here, but if you want a reminder of how awesome Quit Playing Games With My Heart really was, click here. was so much simpler then.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Retail Therapy

I have mentioned time and time again that spending money makes me feel better. I am a big believer in retail therapy. Who needs a REAL therapist, when I can spend away my woes in a flurry of tissue paper and a swipe of any array of plastic. When I saw these cardigans, something instinctive inside of me wanted one. Yearned for one. I'm not caving in...I'm blogging about it instead.

THIS picture makes me want to buy things. Lacie things.

I am THE person they target when they create their direct-email marketing. It's sad, really. Even worse is the display at the actual store...where they sort the panties in a beautiful lacie rainbow. I'm doomed from the get-go.

It's a sickness...justified by an alluring spectrum of color.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Running Woes

You know that scene in Save the Last Dance where she's sitting on the edge of the bathtub and takes off her toe shoe, revealing a bloody mess of her toe? I kind of feel like that. No, my toes aren't bloody from running (yet), but try convincing my brain not to feel that kind of pain. It feels like with each long run, I give a layer of my toe skin as payment to the running gods.

Today's run was miserable. First of all, I was a big wuss and I didn't run outside, despite the gorgeous sun beating in my bedroom window. Second of all, I ate two bowls of Cheerios for breakfast, only about 90 minutes before leaving for the gym. I didn't make my 8 miles (training plan dictated), but didn't feel one ounce of disappointment in hopping off the treadmill and coming home.

It wouldn't be training season without me complaining about my toenails. The first started to turn black just two weeks into training (on the left foot), and the second followed suit about two weeks later. As a result, they haven't fallen off, they're hangin' on for dear life. I thought I'd document the "progress" immediately post-run for maximum effect.

Two black toenails

The left foot also has a beautiful blister to accompany the black nail

I'm writing as I sit in my papasan chair icing my knees (with two bags of frozen peas) in an attempt to ward off the inflammation that is sure to torment me for the better part of tomorrow. Oh, and please try hard not to judge the condition of my toes. They've had a rough 6 weeks.

p.s. PLEASE still pray for Mitch. His condition isn't getting any better, and his family has made the decision to move him to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. It breaks my heart!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Say a Little Prayer

My heart is so full right now.

I know the Flygare's through a couple different channels, most recently my association with them through my JDRF family. Mitch is the family's diabetic child - a burly 16 year old athlete with tremendous potential. I've known Mitch since he was a little boy, living in my family's ward, and have since fallen in love with their family as I have worked with them in our pursuits to find a cure for diabetes together.

Last Wednesday, February 10th, I heard from another t1 parent that Mitch was in a coma due to some complications with his diabetes. I was incredibly taken aback by this news, mostly because he is one of the healthiest kids I've had the pleasure to associate with and is in fantastic control of his diabetes. Immediately I had a panic and fear spread over me as I contemplated the implications of this. Earlier in the week, Laura and I had heard about a teenager from another chapter who had passed away from diabetes and we both remarked how awful it would be if one of our kids died. And here I was, faced with this very possibility.

On Thursday upon arrival at work, Laura, Jamee, and I let the tears roll as we realized what this family was going through. I always knew that these families touched and enriched my life, but I never thought that a situation such as this would affect me in such a way. Through a quick Facebook search, I discovered that Mitch's family had set up a blog to document his progress. I scanned the blog and realized the family was at the ICU at Primary Children's. We decided to head on up and visit to see if we could offer any comfort and try to get some answers ourselves.

Turns out, no one had any answers. The doctors are stumped at Mitch's condition. He presented with severe back pain and muscle spasms that were completely unbearable. In an effort to control the pain he was feeling, doctors thought it best to put him in a coma. They have tried to figure out where the spasms are coming from but haven't been able to. It breaks my heart to think about Mitch lying in a hospital bed, completely helpless, and a slave to his condition.

I hate this disease.

This week I also stumbled upon another heartwrenching story: the Staker family from Provo, and their sweet little Bronson's recovery. This family petitioned countless strangers throughout the blogosphere for prayers for their precious son. I know that the prayers of many can make a difference, and my testimony of that has been renewed this past week as I've read her updates.

I know that prayer can help Mitch in his fight as well. Mitch is a strong kid with an even stronger spirit, but even a simple prayer on his behalf could make a world of difference. If you're the praying type (or even not the praying type), please try to remember Mitch in your prayers. It would mean so much to me.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Do Not Text While Sleeping...

In case anyone was wondering if my work is disrupting my sleep patterns, I had textual proof this morning when I woke up. Apparently I can text while I'm asleep, but had enough faculty of mind to know that I didn't have the appropriate phone number saved in my phone. And, for the record, I have no idea who Kevin is.

(I'm fairly convinced that the "dipping chocolate" has something to do with the fact that I've been watching The Little Chocolatiers on TLC. It's a reality show based in SLC, featuring my favorite chocolate shop, Hatch Family Chocolates...which I frequent with my boss on a regular basis.)

Peggy is a Whore

I tried to think of some kind of profound thought to bring up this Valentine's Day, but it all ended up sounding bitter. I thought Peggy and Viola would suffice tonight.

It's been awhile since I was "a Peggy." In fact, I think it dates back to my days in kindergarten back at Nieman Elementary School in Kansas. I was a clean slate - my heart had never been broken, and there was nothing but green grass and beautiful sunny horizons. My outlook on love was one of immense potential. I had my eye on several boys, but only one really reciprocated (though I tried my hand with most of them anyway). His name was Brian Pepperdine, and, according to my mom, after my first day of school I came out to the car declaring that I was in love. I'm sure at that time, my mom knew she would have her hands full.

I don't have many vivid V-day memories. In fact, there have been very few years when I have actually been part of a "we" on February 14th. Beside the year I got a rock put on my finger (only later to give it back), I think one of my favorite V-day memories was a few years back.

I was working at Winger's in Lehi. Not my favorite job, but it paid the bills. I was lamenting the fact that I had to work on Valentine's Day, unable to make the mighty trek to Logan to be with my "boyfriend." The restaurant was slow, so Brittany and I had plans to hang out and do a girl's night. She was texting me throughout the night keeping very careful tabs on how busy I was and when I would be off. It was a little obsessive, but I figured it was because we were going to meet up after. I left work and met her at Chili's, where she had a change of clothes for me (another strange occurrence). I went in the bathroom to change, and went back out to sit with her and there he was - my long distance fellow. She had been in negotiations with him all day getting him to come to my neck of the woods for a Valentine's dinner. I was excited and quite touched that she would go to such great lengths to arrange it.

Since that year, there haven't been many ups or downs (mainly because I haven't allowed myself to let anyone else in), just existing in a nice switzerland of neutrality. It's probably not the ideal, but it's my existence, and as John Mayer put it, "I'm perfectly lonely." I'll save "being Peggy" for another year.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sissy's New Shoppe's been a whole month since I posted. Holy cow.

Well, now it's time for some shameless marketing for my favorite sissy's new little shoppe. She is the proud owner of Feathered Whimsy, a place for fancy, feminine accessories (namely darling little headbands). I'm BEYOND proud of her. She's always been a crafty and domestic diva and she's finally been able to put her creative wiles to work for her!

Her Etsy shoppe has only been live a little over a week, and already she's being featured on another blog with a giveaway! Check it out and enter to win the Hayzl headband.

Feel free to spread the word. She's in the growth phase and would love new customers!

Monday, January 4, 2010

I Might Be Crazy

I know it's blurry and hard to read, but it's all there. A combined total mileage of 244 miles over the course of the next 14 weeks. I might have thrown up a little bit in my mouth when I pulled it up and reality hit me.

I am again running a half marathon, but this year a little closer to home. Laura threatened to kill me if I did a race later in the year, so I've selected the SLC Half on April 17th. Training humor (read: horror) stories to come!