Friday, December 25, 2009

And then there was this time I asked to be rated publicly...

So...a few months back, I discovered this blog, written by two 22 year old guys who were airing their dirty dating laundry online. I got sucked in and hooked. Naturally, when they announced that they would be rating girls on Christmas, I got right on board and asked to be posted on the web for the whole world to see. Merry Christmas to me - I'm a 7. I copied and pasted my portion below, but you can read their entire objectifying and honest (and entertaining) post at the link above.


age: 26 height: 5'5"
American Fork, UT
JAKE: 7.5
When we make out I will definitely creepily keep my eyes open just on the off chance you occasionally open yours, because your eyes are amazing. Your face as a whole is awesome, awesome. You’re cute, buuut... would it be bad for me to ask you to hook me up with your friend Michelle Ortega? She's pretty fly!

I probably would have rated you higher, except I stumbled across your blog post when you didn't have any make-up on. Normally, I'm a fan of the natural look, but that was not a flattering photo. It was so unflattering, I refuse to post it on our blog. If we ever get together for any length of time, I'll pay for you to get your makeup tattooed on. That said... you're still out of my league... even first thing in the morning.

Percentage of Accuracy: 72%

Should you read through the entire post, they actually "de-code" the scale at the bottom of the post. It's quite entertaining - and refreshing! They don't actually think they all deserve to be dating a "10"! I'm perfectly content being a "7," since in the eyes of the Mormon Bachelor Pad, it means "7: Very attractive. These are the hot girls most common in a guys regular environment" (and Jake said 7.5).

I's stupid, but I'm entertained.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Celebrity Crush #3

Whilst working my way through a run in the Cardio Cinema room at Gold's last night, I realized again my lust for Celebrity Crush #3. He is a man of limited resume, but he is delightful in every role he takes on. National Treasure was on the big screen, and I remembered back a year or two when I first partook of the goodness which is Justin Bartha. Check out those baby blues.

The quick wit and humor of his characters rolls off his tongue so naturally I can't help but believe that's what he's like in real life. He's also the perfect degree of nerdiness to compliment yours truly.

Oh, and did I mention he looks fab in glasses?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I LOVE quick witted friends!

Within an hour of my post of the beautiful Mayer pictures, I had a message in my inbox. It simply read "Because I'm that fast." Scott, you rock :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's rough being single around the holidays...

Fortunately, has the single girl's interest at heart. Johnny has provided three tasty morsels of eye candy to keep me warm during the coldest days of winter. Observe:

Photo #3 occupies a special spot. It turns me on every time I open my phone :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009


I hurriedly ransacked my closet, searching for just the right combination of blouses, sweaters, and tees for my trip to the windy city, and came across that old Banana Republic sweater set. It was 100% cashmere, and "worth more than any article of clothing I had ever owned (including formal wear from high school dances past)," or so I was told. It is the only article of clothing given to me by a guy that wasn't my boyfriend, but that doesn't make its giving any less significant.

He was my backdoor neighbor. You know, the guy you grow up admiring during your overlapping pre-adolescent social affairs (most of ours included long summer days at the home of the Earles - they had three kids within a 4 year window, twin boys and a girl). He wasn't anyone of significance to me at the time, just the obnoxious friend of my friend's older brothers. They tormented and teased us, and very often ignored our existence.

Fast forward a few years to the beloved days of high school: awkwardness at its best. Marching band was where our paths crossed most often, not counting the countless hours of mutual activities through church. He bounced from girl to girl, not really having a "type" or "class" he preferred. I still remained one of his (and his friends) favorite people to tease.

Jump again to my high school graduation. Shortly after graduation, I hit the dusty trail to Ephraim to begin life as a Snow College Badger. I returned home one weekend during first semester for his missionary farewell. I distinctly remember him delineating his reasons for going, saving the "there's this girl" reason for last. The girl he had been dating was going to be waiting for him. While I felt a twinge of sadness at the thought, I was happy for him. While I didn't love her, he was happy, and in love with her. Later, on another weekend home, my mom had been invited to a bridal shower for his sister. She brought me along, and I managed to procure his address in the mission field. I added him to my collection of about 6 missionary penpals and continued to write him until he arrived home a year and a half later.

I was off school for the summer and was attending my parents' ward again. I attended his homecoming talk and felt those ever-familiar emotions. I had heard through his parents that his girlfriend had gotten married just a few months earlier and they thought he would love to hang out with me. After breaking off my engagement, I was wary of starting something romantic too fast His dad pushed me on more than one occasion (during a mutual ditching of Sunday School hour) to go catch a movie or dinner together. I was reluctant because I was sure he would remember me as the young, obnoxious pre-teen from years before. Though I had been resistant, we hung out a time or two and it seemed we became fast friends.

We started hanging out...a lot. He quickly became my favorite movie buddy (I saw pretty much every movie released that summer with him). When I needed to get my ex's mailing address to threaten legal proceedings, he drove me out to West Jordan in his car so we wouldn't be recognized. When it came time to go back to school in August, he wanted to "take me out" for a nice dinner before I made the mighty trek to Logan to start at Utah State. I should have caught the innuendos that were blanketing me during dinner, but in spite of it all, he didn't try to kiss me at the end of the evening.

Fall break was looming, and he inquired (from Utah County) if I had plans for the recess. He had a trip to California planned with a couple of friends and asked me to tag along - no strings attached. Friends of mine had mentioned to me that he was interested in me, but unable to let a free trip to California pass me by, I feigned ignorance and went along. During the course of the trip, he became frustrated (understatement) with my lack of reciprocation and pawned me off on his friend for the day (we went sailing). When we all hooked back up, he and I went for a walk around the neighborhood where we were staying. Ignorant no more, I heard him spill some of the most flattering compliments anyone has ever told me. He was in love with me, and while I was complimented, I knew I wasn't ready to duplicate his feelings. I walked in silence, listening awkwardly to him gushing. I still remember, "So, I blew it with Stacey #1. Tell me what to do differently when Stacey #2 comes along." I shed many tears that night, wishing that I could allow our friendship to elevate to the next level.

The next day we hopped in the car and began the trek back to Utah. It was the most uncomfortable 10 hours of my life. I pretended to be asleep most of the drive just so I wouldn't have to endure the anger and sadness he exhibited in his eyes. I felt so incredibly guilty. We had to stop in Las Vegas (for a reason I can no longer remember), and as we wandered around the shops at Caesar's Palace, I wondered why we were prolonging the end of a laborious trip. As we walked back to the car, he was toting a Banana Republic bag and I wondered why he went there. I didn't inquire, not wanting to push his buttons even more and we drove the rest of the way home.

When he dropped me off at his house, I was planning on making a beeline for the front door and not looking back. He quietly asked me if I wanted what he had bought me. He pulled the gift box out of the Banana Republic bag and handed it to me, telling me I didn't need to open it yet, but that I could wear it on a date with a new guy. I got inside and pulled out the most beautiful black cashmere sweater set. I had never owned something so soft and classy (being a student, I mostly lived in D.I. tee shirts, jeans and flip flops). Again, a wave of guilt washed over me as I realized that he felt like he needed to buy me something to compensate for his behavior on the trip.

As I arrived home from class the next Monday, there was a tag hanging from my front doorknob. Logan florist gad tried to deliver while I was out, but had left the most beautiful bouquet of white roses at my upstairs neighbor's apartment. I retrieved the card, which read, "Have a good one! From your ex-neighbor" (an inside joke, as though nothing had even happened).

After the flowers died, the memory of that trip lived on vividly for months. I didn't talk to him again for quite some time, but our relationship continued to develop. He set me up with another guy who became fiance number two, and even consoled me when said relationship didn't pan out.

When I got his wedding invitation in the mail a couple years later, I wasn't hugely surprised by the fact he was getting married, but I was surprised by the fact that again I felt that familiar pang of sadness. His chapter in my life was closed, and I wasn't sure I was ready to let it go.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance

I have a new best friend. Her name is Kathi Strong. Kathi was blessed with an exceptionally talented niece, Randi, whom I have never met, but admired from afar, in television never-never land. So You Think You Can Dance has been my favorite reality show for a couple of years (really, since Benji was crowned victor in season 2), and Randi was a Top-10 finalist last season. Kathi, being the wonderfully fabulous person that she is, decided to share the wealth of her "friends and family" tickets, and my wonderfully fabulous mom (who works with Kathi) put her neck out to get me two of them!

Needless to say, our seats were amazing. We were 5th row. I was seriously happy to be alive on Saturday night. Tiburon wrote a fantastic recap of the whole night. We had such a fab time, and I'm convinced she needs to be my permanent concert buddy. Rest assured, I was a little starstruck. I don't think I need to talk about every.single.contestant in great detail. There was no rhyme or reason to their placement in the room. I'm sure they were coached to take up residence at a given position and stay put.

While I wanted to "meet" them all, I decided I would be happy with just one: Phillip. I've had a baby crush on him since his first audition. He has these voluptuous lips, and can move like he has no bones in his body. It's pretty freaking amazing. We finally found him towards one end of the room, with a much smaller crowd around him. Tib told him we had a $50 bet with one of our friends that I couldn't get him to kiss me. I was beyond embarrassed, but more than willing to play along. He said that they weren't allowed to kiss anyone (I'm sure it had something to do with that DAMN H1N1 crap), but that I could kiss him. I was shaking like the last leaf on a tree in a windstorm, but not about to let the opportunity pass me by. Tib snapped a quick shot, and just like that it was over. That was the highlight of my week...maybe the highlight of my month.

Here's one of my favorite dances from the season, Phillip and Jeanine. Mad skills!

But seriously...check out Tib's recaps for more detail. What a great night!!

p.s. My Mayer leaked his new album on Rhapsody and I think I'm in love (in case you were doubting my allegiance to the Mayer these days). Can't wait to go to the show in March!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Prelude to a Kiss

"A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous."
~Ingrid Bergman

In my life I have happenstances which cause me to reflect back on memories past. Tonight at work such an instance presented itself and I was transported back a few months.

They had spent a blissful evening together, complete with baseball spectator-ship, watermelon wedges, and a quiet contemplative drive around the city. The night was waning and she had to be at work early the next morning. As they pulled up to her office so he could pick up his car, it was evident that neither of them were quite ready for the evening to end. They sat down in the driveway, started up a conversation and the time flew. They talked like they'd known each other for years, rather than their short couple of weeks. He asked her what she looked for in a guy. She rattled off the characteristics, memorized from several other such conversations, "Intelligent. Funny. Driven. Motivated. Attractive." Before they knew it, it was after 1am and they both knew that they should call it a night.

Inevitably, as conversations often do between guys and girls, the subject shifted to kissing. He asked how many guys she had kissed, and she obliged, afterward turning the question on him. As the conversation evolved, he asked, "Have you ever thought about kissing me?" Of course she had. Nearly every week when she passed by him at church she had verbally remarked to her friend how adorable he was. "I'm not going to answer that," she coyly responded. He looked her in the eye and asked what that was supposed to mean. She could see he wasn't driven enough to make the move, so she sauntered over to the driver's side and opened the door, saying, "Ok, I'm gonna go now. Thanks for hanging out."

He looked at her with a certain longing in his eyes, as if to say, Are you kidding me?? She knew he wanted to kiss her, and she him, but she was going to make him work for it. "Remember when I told you how I like guys who are driven and take initiative?" she asked him. He did - vividly. He came closer to her, the driver's side door acting as a buffer between them. He asked her not to leave yet. She asked why and he said he wasn't ready for the night to be over. She crept out from behind the protective barricade of the car door and asked if he was any good. He responded, "There's only one way to find out." He cupped her face with his hands, the only guy she had ever kissed to do such a thing, and kissed her.

As I ventured out of the front door of my office, down to the driveway where I was sent to retrieve my bosses' purse, tonight, I got to relive one of the sweetest moments of my dating career. It was ever so vividly replayed in my memory as thought it were yesterday.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Welcome to the Bluegrass State

I had this wild idea to visit Kentucky for my annual fall vacation. Every single person I talked to about this trip had similar responses, "What are you going to do there?" I knew I would stay with my cousin, Ashlee, and her cute little family, but beyond that, I really had no idea. I requested a visitor's guide from the Lexington Visitor's Bureau. It was a dandy publication and gave me several ideas to fill my two weeks of schedule-less bliss. Ash's husband also gave me a few ideas, noting that there were several "destinations" within a couple hours' drive from them. I booked the red-eye ticket and was gone within a couple weeks.

As I arrived in Louisville (the cheapest airport in Kentucky), I picked up my car from the rental counter (with borderline harassment from the agent - can't one leave the counter without purchasing supplementary insurance?!) and was on my merry way to Lexington. I knew that Kentucky was beautiful but I had no idea of the degree of beauty. The freeway was lined with thick deciduous foliage, brightly colored with the hues of Fall (unlike Utah, where the trees are sparse and the corridors of the roads are peppered with advertising). When I arrived at Ash's house, I thought I would be ready to hit the town for my first day of activity - but rather crashed on the couch instead. The red-eye flight and I do not get along.

I had never met Ash's two boys until now. I had seen pictures, and even fantasized that my own children (with Ash and I sharing similar alleles) would be so beautiful. They were so much fun and made my stay so enjoyable. Mac called me Spacey for the duration of my stay (which made him all the more endearing) and G (short for Gray) was just too adorable for words. They made me feel so welcome and right at home that I was sad when it came time to leave.

It was so great to not have to do everything alone while I was there. Ash braved the long drives and the non-kid friendly activities to keep me company and help me make the best of my trip. My first day of Kentucky tourism included a visit to Keeneland to watch the races. I didn't even bet $2, mainly because I was distracted. Mac was convinced that the beer in the transparent plastic cups was apple juice, and like a good cousin, I corrected him (and he proceeded to beg Ash for a Budweiser). There were quite a few characters (and wonderful Kentucky stereotype men) at the track and I joked with Ash that I should start taking pictures for a post called My Kentucky Soulmates, but unfortunately I never got around to that.

The next day we ventured out to Cincinnati to the famous Gap Clearance Center. This is NOT an outlet, but a place for the store rejects to find a new home. It houses retail outcasts from Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic at killer prices - I left the store with two pairs of jeans and a pencil skirt for $23 total. I really had no definite ideas of what else I wanted to do in Cincinnati, so I told Ash I wanted to take a picture by a bridge, eat some chili and be done. That is precisely what my visit to Cincinnati entailed (beside the 2 hour layover I had in the airport on my return flight). I don't regret this at all (I've been told that it's a ghetto city - one where blondes go for a high price, and the chili was gross).

On Saturday I ventured out to Woodford County to the Woodford Reserve Distillery (the only distillery to triple distill their bourbon for a smoother taste). I purchased my tour ticket and joined the group with several guys I had noticed in the waiting area. Turns out, they were on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail for a bachelor party. They chatted me up during the tour and accompanied me to the counter at the tour's conclusion to witness my first (and last) taste of bourbon. The taster card said it would have hints of caramel and vanilla in the flavor. I'm quite convinced that the bourbon makers of Kentucky have never tasted caramel OR vanilla. It tasted like gasoline...straight from the pump. I took a picture with these fellows (and mentioned to them about my Soulmates of Kentucky blog post) and we parted ways.

Sunday, I thought I would get acquainted with a community who lived as "Brothers and Sisters in Christ" in Pleasant Hill. The Shakers were an odd people, and during my wandering around their plantation, I decided I would have been a horrible one, probably being exiled from the group before I hit puberty. Their living space resembled a Polygamist compound, segregating men and women on opposite sides of the house. It was a HUGE residence. I was transported back to 5th grade when I read The Witch of Blackbird Pond in Mrs. Hacken's class. My imagination went wild envisioning these people and how they lived, and probably inaccurately envisioned characters from the Salem Witch Trials. I bought a book at the gift shop with the intent of actually educating myself on these peculiar is still in the bag.

On Monday, Ash, the boys, and I toured Darley Horse Farm and learned all about the horses that race at Keeneland and Churchill Downs. They discussed the lodging of the horses (most of them have better living conditions than I do), breeding habits (during breeding season, stallions breed 3 times per day, videotaped in a secure facility), Stud fees, etc. They wouldn't let us near any of the horses.

Following the Darley, I ventured out to Berea, an artsy college community whose economy is dependent upon the craftsmanship of its' residents. It was so quaint and very fun to wander around checking out the local talent. Berea is home of Boone Tavern Hotel and Berea College, where students pay their tuition and fees through their handiwork. As I arrived in town, I noticed all these cool hand statues on the lawns. I learned that it was a charity project called the Show of Hands. I was very impressed.

Tuesday I drove back to Louisville to visit the Slugger museum/factory (fun for baseball enthusiasts of all ages) and to have lunch with my new friend Matt (of the distillery). Matt actually took the afternoon off to shuttle me around town, visiting the University of Louisville, the Seelbach Hotel, Churchill Downs, and the 4th Street Live area. We even ventured over to the Hoosier side to view the city from afar and snap some cityscape pictures. He was fun company to have and made my stay in Kentucky much more memorable. On the way home from Louisville, I stopped in Frankfort to take a picture with the capitol building and was assaulted by the vibrant red bushes. They were stunning!

The last two days of my trip we kind of just laid low and enjoyed each others' company, going to lunch with Drew in downtown Lexington and taking one last memorable road trip to Red River Gorge in Eastern Kentucky. We happened to stumble upon Nada Tunnel, one of the coolest natural formations I have ever seen. There is a tunnel carved out of this huge wall that you can't see until you round a sharp corner. It was a one-way tunnel, so it was a little nerve racking, but it was short. We also spent a little time in what I would call a "Kentucky Canyon."

Never did I think I would have so much fun in Kentucky. Thanks to Ash and Drew's fabulous hospitality, this vacation ended up exactly what I needed - a lot of rest and relaxation with a little tourism on the side.

More pictures on my Facebook page.

Monday, October 12, 2009

au naturale

Tiburon dared everyone to go 100% natural on the web...well, here's mine, in all its superfantastic glory:

This is post-shower (approx. 10 minutes after)

This is post-get-ready-regime.

p.s. I totally spaced taking a post-run photo for this purpose. No worries - it doesn't change, and you can see THAT beauty here.
p.p.s. I wanna see yours! Upload those beautiful mugs of yours!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Moon Soundtrack

I'll be the first to admit - I'm not a "Twi-Hard." I've only read the books once, and I can count on one hand how many times I've seen the movie. I do, however, squeal a little with girlish anticipation for the theatrical release of New Moon. I saw a new(ish) preview for it last night while waiting to see Zombieland (a fantastical feat of cinematic sublimity) and was embarrassed by my own excitement.

I didn't LOVE Twilight. In fact, I thought the bulk of it was laughable, but Edward is so dreamy and the love he has for Bella is one that would make any girl (even this one) go weak in the knees. The one element of this movie that was flawless was its soundtrack. Man, that Stephenie Meyer can channel vampires through music with the best of them!

I decided to find out when the New Moon soundtrack would be available, and it's up for presale on Amazon. The track listing hold tremendous potential!

1. Meet Me On the Equinox, Death Cab for Cutie
2. Friends, Band of Skulls
3. Hearing Damage, Thom Yorke
4. Possibility, Lykke Li
5. A White Demon Love Song, The Killers
6. Satellite Heart, Anya Marina
7. I Belong To You (New Moon Remix), Muse
8. Rosyln, Bon Iver & St. Vincent
9. Done All Wrong, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
10. Monsters, Hurricane Bells
11. The Violet Hour, Sea Wolf
12. Shooting the Moon, OK Go
13. Slow Life, Grizzly Bear (with Victoria Legrand)
14. No Sound But the Wind, Editors
15. New Moon (The Meadow), Alexandre Desplat

I think I'm most excited for the collaborative effort of Bon Iver and St. Vincent - I predict it will be spectacular! If you haven't listened to either, they are both at the top of my "most played" playlist. And I'm officially announcing I have more anticipation for the soundtrack than the actual movie (but I'm still excited to see how the songs mesh with the scenes). The countdown for November 20th begins...

Stacey's a Sector 9 Girl!

I took the plunge this weekend...and bought a longboard. I didn't take much time contemplating this purchase, but after hanging out with Ken and some of his buddies, I realized it's really FUN!

I'm not so great at it, but I've managed to stay upright and not introduce my face to the pavement yet. I haven't figured a name out for her (him?) yet, but I'm taking suggestions.

When it came to color, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted a RED board (the blue one is Ken's - and he named her Molly). As for features, I was pretty clueless. Anyway, I hope the snow doesn't fly too soon so I can spend some time and work up some mad boarding skills.

What a great weekend - and what a great teacher (well, not so much - he just steadied the wheels so I could get on a few times...). And yes, it was my idea to take some "posed" shots in the church parking lot.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

An Open Letter To My Malodorous Neighbors

*I am completely plagiarizing this idea from Tiburon...just sayin'*

Dear Neighbors,

I remember back a few years, a young and foolish college freshman, completely oblivious to the rules of social normalcy and etiquette. We had no qualms about just walking into each other's apartments without knocking, bang on the walls to quiet a noisy situation, or stay up all hours of the night giggling (regardless of who was trying to sleep next door). We even thought it swell to leave our front door open, indicating a warm, open invitation for company. However, upon graduation from college, social norms dictated that we start living like adults and abandon the carefree days of school.

I moved into this community well over three years ago, and have had constant struggles with those that have occupied your residence during that time. I thought to myself, "Self, maybe once the pot dealers get evicted, perhaps the management can put a decent family or newlywed couple in that trash-hole."

you moved in (with all 25 of your children, none of whom have seen the interior of a shower in months), and brought along with you a few bad habits of your own. My favorite, perhaps, is the way you leave your front door open (which, I think, has something to do with the fact that caring for your 25 children prevent you from affording air conditioning - WHICH I could look past, IF your house smelled anything better than the streets of India). The foul stench emitted from your open door leads me to believe that your cooking skills leave much to be desired (if not your personal hygiene). I have to make a mad dash for my own door, two floors above, to keep the vomit from erupting. Now, I know we all live in what could be considered "the ghetto," but that doesn't mean we need to smell like one.

Please consider this my notice to you (and your unkempt children) that your heinous odor and lack of social norm observance has been reported to management, and I await your eviction notice with baited breath.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just Blue, v.2

Last week Laura and I drove to Provo together and she asked me to bring my iPod along for entertainment (LOVE when she does that). When I asked what she preferred to listen to, she replied, "Something sad and mellow." WOW! She must know me well (I shouldn't brag about this, but most of my music and preferential listening is the sad, mellow stuff). She asked me to make her a CD, and I have. I thought it would be fun to share with the world, Just Blue, v.2. I made the first version of this playlist one night following the whole debacle with Mike when I told him I liked him and was so worried he was going to stop hanging out with me because of it...but I figured that it was worth a revamp with some of my newer tunes:

Just Blue, v.2

Lie in the Sound - Trespassers William
The Heart of Life - John Mayer
Duet - Rachael Yamagata *not on the OFFICIAL New Moon Soundtrack - it just says so on this vid*
Kite Song - Rosie Thomas
If You Ever Did Believe - Stevie Nicks
Recognition - Susie Suh
The Acrobat - Johnathan Rice
Keep it There - The Weepies
Get Well Soon - The Perishers
Hazy - Rosi Golan (feat. William Fitzsimmons)
Stand Still, Look Pretty - The Wreckers
Rain - Priscilla Ahn
The Absence of Your Company - Kim Richey
Say (All I Need) - OneRepublic
Two - Ryan Adams
Dream - Priscilla Ahn
Gravity - Sara Bareilles
The World Spins Madly On - The Weepies
9 Crimes - Damien Rice
The Longer I Run - Peter Bradley Adams
Ain't Gonna Lose You - Brett Dennen

I've been listening to this playlist all week, and I think I'm in love. It's a keeper - if you have any inclination to take a listen, they are linked.


What a great way to help build the anticipation for the new album Battle Studies, coming out November 17th! Such a sweet little ditty...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Celebrity Crush #2

I recently acquired all four seasons of the OC. I loved the show back in college when it was all the rage. I was working at Subway at the time, and my manager, Brian, and I would "talk OC" on Friday mornings while doing prep. I always had a thing for Seth Cohen (played by Adam Brody), and always thought the attraction was to the actor, but through careful conversation with Brian, we came to the conclusion that my soulmate was Seth Cohen, the character.

He exhibits that witty, charismatic charm that I'm always looking for. He has those dashing good looks. If there were a dictionary definition for my "type," his photo would be there.

Some funny Seth-isms I adore...
  • He uses sarcasm and irony to cope with life's hurdles
  • He doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut
  • He is madly, obsessively in love with Summer
  • He is a board-certified geek
  • He loves music
  • He is cautiously distracted 90% of the time
  • He has grade A geek-chic style
I know it's mildly inappropriate and irrational to have a huge crush on a fictional TV character, but real life has failed to produce anyone quite as intriguing.

Here's a cheeeeesy montage of Seth/Summer moments. Love the song (kudos to Ryan Adams for that bad boy). And in case anyone is dying to set me up (because it seems EVERYONE is these days) compare him to Seth Cohen first.

Weekend Hoopla

It's fun when friends meet. Especially when you know they would have something in common. This blessed meeting took place at, where else, the Rio. I'm so glad they let me be "in" on the fun.

Shamae needed to come down with her cute family for an endocrinologist appointment on Monday, but I managed to twist her arm into coming early so they could attend the SLC JDRF Walk.

After meeting up, Tib decided to host a BBQ on Sunday for their families, and again, they let me come. It was so fun! I decided I would be willing to have kids if I could clone Ethan and Sydney. Good thing they're gonna end up married someday - here's the first photo for their wedding video:

I had to buy the love of the children (except for Ethan...already won that kid over) so I brought some glitter-ific tattoos for the girlies. We didn't snag a photo of all the kids with their tats, but when I got home, I got one of mine - I think it's a keeper (it's two sparkly cherries with two STARS)!

Seriously love these ladies. Can't wait until we can get together again!

*If I look stoned in any/all of these photos, it is because I was running on a tremendous lack of sleep. The Walk doesn't plan itself!*

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

100 Things i LOVE Terribly

It first should be said that I am plagiarizing this from TWO different blogs. It should second be said that I am most definitely in need of a pick-me-up. This should do the trick.

My favorite Shark and the Rockstar Diaries gave me the inspiration, and I am merging the two ideas together to birth:

100 Things i LOVE Terribly
1. John Mayer (the man, the music, the mystery)

2. Yoga
3. Driving with my feet out the window
4. Laying out by the pool
5. Reading in the shade on a blanket
6. Cafe Rio salads
7. Kids with type 1 diabetes
8. Working hard to find a cure for kids with type 1 diabetes
9. Laffy Taffy
10. F*R*I*E*N*D*S
11. Gilmore Girls
12. Grey's Anatomy
13. Sarcasm
14. My family

15. Sex & the City

16. Thunderstorms
17. So You Think You Can Dance
18. Concerts
19. Sleeping in
20. Kissing in the rain
21. Novelty books
22. Victoria's Secret
23. Retail therapy
24. Diet Coke
25. Fall vacations
26. Massages

27. Footloose

28. Iceberg shakes
29. Broccoli
30. Quaker Crunchy Corn Bran
31. iPod
32. iPod Shuffle
33. Little Caesar's Crazy Bread
34. MSN Messenger/gChat/Facebook IM
35. Facebook
36. the Beatles
37. Shakespeare in Love
38. Song lyrics
39. Hugh Jackman
40. Work
41. The beach

42. Baking

43. Flying on airplanes
44. Road tripping
45. Rollerblading
46. Michael Jackson
47. Movie theater popcorn
48. A Plethora of pillows
49. Naps
50. A good sweat
51. Burts Bees
52. Hard earned money
53. Birthday presents

54. Target

55. Chunky rings
56. Aromatherapy
57. Pencil skirts
58. Thanksgiving
59. Entertainment Weekly
60. Dark nail polish
61. Gerber daisies
62. Ryan Reynolds
63. Ann Taintor
64. The Weepies
65. Vintage
66. Skittles

67. the Jonas Brothers
68. Chocolate
69. Sunglasses
70. Lucky bamboo plants
72. iTunes
73. New music Tuesdays
74. Stars
75. The O.C.
76. Shopaholic books
77. Going to the movies
78. Lazy rivers
79. First kisses
80. Shoes
81. Bridal fairs
82. Sharpie markers
83. Apple Macintosh
84. Sudoku
85. Listening to music in the dark

86. My sissy

87. Longboarding
88. Eating out
89. Listening to music, full blast, in the dark
90. Finding new music artists to adore
91. Showing others new music artists to adore
92. Thinking about getting a tattoo

93. Chace Crawford

94. Meeting new people
95. Falling in Love
96. a Good Cry
97. Laughing until you cry
98. Mod Podge
99. Domesticity
100. Contentment