Tuesday, August 18, 2009

100 Things i LOVE Terribly

It first should be said that I am plagiarizing this from TWO different blogs. It should second be said that I am most definitely in need of a pick-me-up. This should do the trick.

My favorite Shark and the Rockstar Diaries gave me the inspiration, and I am merging the two ideas together to birth:

100 Things i LOVE Terribly
1. John Mayer (the man, the music, the mystery)

2. Yoga
3. Driving with my feet out the window
4. Laying out by the pool
5. Reading in the shade on a blanket
6. Cafe Rio salads
7. Kids with type 1 diabetes
8. Working hard to find a cure for kids with type 1 diabetes
9. Laffy Taffy
10. F*R*I*E*N*D*S
11. Gilmore Girls
12. Grey's Anatomy
13. Sarcasm
14. My family

15. Sex & the City

16. Thunderstorms
17. So You Think You Can Dance
18. Concerts
19. Sleeping in
20. Kissing in the rain
21. Novelty books
22. Victoria's Secret
23. Retail therapy
24. Diet Coke
25. Fall vacations
26. Massages

27. Footloose

28. Iceberg shakes
29. Broccoli
30. Quaker Crunchy Corn Bran
31. iPod
32. iPod Shuffle
33. Little Caesar's Crazy Bread
34. MSN Messenger/gChat/Facebook IM
35. Facebook
36. the Beatles
37. Shakespeare in Love
38. Song lyrics
39. Hugh Jackman
40. Work
41. The beach

42. Baking

43. Flying on airplanes
44. Road tripping
45. Rollerblading
46. Michael Jackson
47. Movie theater popcorn
48. A Plethora of pillows
49. Naps
50. A good sweat
51. Burts Bees
52. Hard earned money
53. Birthday presents

54. Target

55. Chunky rings
56. Aromatherapy
57. Pencil skirts
58. Thanksgiving
59. Entertainment Weekly
60. Dark nail polish
61. Gerber daisies
62. Ryan Reynolds
63. Ann Taintor
64. The Weepies
65. Vintage
66. Skittles

67. the Jonas Brothers
68. Chocolate
69. Sunglasses
70. Lucky bamboo plants
71. amazon.com
72. iTunes
73. New music Tuesdays
74. Stars
75. The O.C.
76. Shopaholic books
77. Going to the movies
78. Lazy rivers
79. First kisses
80. Shoes
81. Bridal fairs
82. Sharpie markers
83. Apple Macintosh
84. Sudoku
85. Listening to music in the dark

86. My sissy

87. Longboarding
88. Eating out
89. Listening to music, full blast, in the dark
90. Finding new music artists to adore
91. Showing others new music artists to adore
92. Thinking about getting a tattoo

93. Chace Crawford

94. Meeting new people
95. Falling in Love
96. a Good Cry
97. Laughing until you cry
98. Mod Podge
99. Domesticity
100. Contentment


Rowley's said...

We have a lot of same loves! Except for thinking about getting a tattoo. I can't handle the fact that I couldn't take it off if I didn't like it and I ALWAYS seem to grow out of my "likes". Could you really see me with a tattoo anyway? But if I close my eyes I can see myself eat my weight in crazy bread & broccoli!... just not in the same bite.

c a n d a c e said...

I'm going to copy you... don't hate! :)
Love ya girl

Eileen said...

That was adorable! So you. What's "Burts Bees"? And I beg of you: No tatoo!

Crystal S. said...

So suprised that the Jonas Brothers weren't towards the top (ha, ha)... loved the list!

leigh + brian said...

I love your list! Lots of yours would be on my list too! I especially love #86. Love you too sissy! :)

tiburon said...

This is the greatest list ever.

For real.

And now I am officially in love with you ;)