Friday, August 6, 2010

Untitled 8.6.10 turns out that Real Simple agrees with my shrink. Today's thought is:

“We’re so busy watching out
for what’s just ahead of us
that we don’t take time to
enjoy where we are.”

― Bill Watterson

There is absolutely nothing wrong with just dating for fun (unfortunately, I didn't learn this lesson when I was 17). I am NOT going to marry everyone I date, nor do they want to marry me, or commit to me long-term, or be with me 24 hours a day. They just want to have fun with me, with the possibility of seeing where it goes. I've been so paranoid in my dating ventures that I have neglected having fun with the guys I go out with - I'm just constantly looking for the signs that I could marry them...doing both of us a huge disservice! I know, I'm severely retarded.

Now that I've revealed all my neuroses to the blogosphere (or at least the 4 people who actually read my blog), again, I ask, please withhold judgment...or at least judge me in person.

Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm Coming Out of the Closet

The last two months I've been living something of a lie. My life has a huge secret I feel I need to reveal...

I. Am. A. Plasma Donor.

Turns out I like to spend money. Consequently, I'm running out of money to spend. Therefore, I've turned to alternative means to supplement my income (means that don't involve taking my clothes off in public). I was ashamed of this decision, being aptly employed with an adequate salary...but that inclination to spend overtook me and I needed more cash. Please try to withhold judgment.

It hasn't been all bad - I got a date out of it. He's quite a cutie, but after only one date, I can't divulge many details without putting the kibosh on the whole thing. He took me to see Inception, and allowed me to put him through 2 hours of John Mayer and So You Think You Can Dance, and he actually tried to come back for more the next day. He was the perfect gentleman. Perhaps he will last longer than the usual 2 dates.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The "NEW" John Mayer

So...there's a long boring saga about how I finally got "Cute Plasma Boy" to ask me out...and I can fill you in on the deets later. But there's a more pressing issue...apparently there's a guy out there masquerading as my John Mayer, calling himself "Jon Meyer." Trust me, I was alarmed when I found this note on my car this morning on my way to church...

Click the pic to enlarge

Cute as it was, it is sincerely one of the strangest post-date happenstances I have ever experienced. I guess I should just be grateful to know he was paying attention when I made him watch "Storytellers: John Mayer" when we got back from the movie.
Call it a form of initiation.