Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Struck Gold

*I've been giving a lot of thought to this post, as I really wanted to convey my true feelings about the subject. I sincerely hope that I can do it justice.

Six months ago, I went on a date. I distinctly remember the feeling I had when I came in the door at the end of the night, smile plastered to my face, drifting to the computer to update my status. "He took me for a burger...and it was the best date I've been on in months." Its' happenstance was completely a fluke. I was trying to diversify my dating pool and decided to give it a shot - what was the worst that could happen? I couldn't have known then just how very amazing that guy could make my life.

So now it's been six months. (Save a very, very unhealthy relationship from my past) This is the longest I've been with the same guy who lives in the same county as me. I struck gold. And.I'

I've been very discreet in the cyberworld about my relationship with a certain Mister Bowen, somehow thinking I might jinx it, or let too much out of the bag too soon, but being that it's Mister Bowen's birthday today, I wanted to let everyone know just how incredible he is...and how happy he makes me...and how much I love him!

Jimmy gives me the freedom to be my independent self while allowing me to fall comfortably into that vulnerable place where it's obvious that I need him. He has also allowed me to express that silly, often embarrassing side of myself without the fear of judgment - and happily embraced his own silly side as well!

He is happy to let me run my life but quick to offer advice when I need it. He has been able to find that delicate balance between overbearing and uncaring - perfection. He carefully crafts his own decisions around what he thinks would make me happiest and I have never loved being so accommodated more!

He has endured numerous meals at restaurants he really doesn't care for, movies he would rather have never seen, and evenings spent at my work events taking pictures or picking up trash. His quiet support is priceless and he always does it with a smile on his face. He is an amazing cook, making me dinner often, and clearly seems to enjoy the process of making a meal.

Jimmy truly cherishes my company and is always able to erase every insecurity I allow myself to feel. If I were to name one flaw, it would be that he cares about me too much. He treats me like a queen and constantly helps me realize how special I am, both to him and to others.

When my car was broken into in September, after only having dated for one month, Jimmy quietly cleaned the glass out of my car while I began the process of canceling every card in my purse. He made sure that I would feel comfortable driving in it, even after I felt so violated. He truly has a gift for making me feel safe.

I know that my few words are just a small expression of the way I feel, but that doesn't discount their sincerity. Jimmy, I love you and I am anxious to see just what is in store for us down the road! I am grateful for who you are, and who I am when we are together! I hope you have the happiest of days today, and I can't wait to share many more with you!