Monday, October 12, 2009

au naturale

Tiburon dared everyone to go 100% natural on the web...well, here's mine, in all its superfantastic glory:

This is post-shower (approx. 10 minutes after)

This is post-get-ready-regime.

p.s. I totally spaced taking a post-run photo for this purpose. No worries - it doesn't change, and you can see THAT beauty here.
p.p.s. I wanna see yours! Upload those beautiful mugs of yours!


Shamae said...

I like it! You look great both 100% natural and made up! I love the shower head though...that's my fav. :D

tiburon said...

I heart you.

Thank you so much for playing along!!!

Alex Hall said...

...except that you could get lost in that sea of could never mistake those eyes! eye...more like yours!

Loni said...

Beautiful wet or dry!

Brandon or Michelle said...

you are the rockin' one, girlfriend. :) thanks for the happiness today. would that i could feel good enough to post natural someday. :) thanks for the inspiration.

Ashlee Garn said...

You're way! You at least look decent! Maybe I'll try to remember and "man up" and just do it :)