Friday, December 25, 2009

And then there was this time I asked to be rated publicly...

So...a few months back, I discovered this blog, written by two 22 year old guys who were airing their dirty dating laundry online. I got sucked in and hooked. Naturally, when they announced that they would be rating girls on Christmas, I got right on board and asked to be posted on the web for the whole world to see. Merry Christmas to me - I'm a 7. I copied and pasted my portion below, but you can read their entire objectifying and honest (and entertaining) post at the link above.


age: 26 height: 5'5"
American Fork, UT
JAKE: 7.5
When we make out I will definitely creepily keep my eyes open just on the off chance you occasionally open yours, because your eyes are amazing. Your face as a whole is awesome, awesome. You’re cute, buuut... would it be bad for me to ask you to hook me up with your friend Michelle Ortega? She's pretty fly!

I probably would have rated you higher, except I stumbled across your blog post when you didn't have any make-up on. Normally, I'm a fan of the natural look, but that was not a flattering photo. It was so unflattering, I refuse to post it on our blog. If we ever get together for any length of time, I'll pay for you to get your makeup tattooed on. That said... you're still out of my league... even first thing in the morning.

Percentage of Accuracy: 72%

Should you read through the entire post, they actually "de-code" the scale at the bottom of the post. It's quite entertaining - and refreshing! They don't actually think they all deserve to be dating a "10"! I'm perfectly content being a "7," since in the eyes of the Mormon Bachelor Pad, it means "7: Very attractive. These are the hot girls most common in a guys regular environment" (and Jake said 7.5).

I's stupid, but I'm entertained.

Merry Christmas!


moultriefam said...

I saw this rating thing, and was curious, but never sent in photo's, I was a little too chicken

Alex Hall said...

Like I said though...they don't know you...

TPlayer said...

I just shared this with my parents. They are horrified. My Mom's response was, "Who do these guys think they are out there?!" My Dad's response wasn't quite that nice regarding the [jerks] I have to deal with out there.

Ashlee Garn said...

HA HA HA! That's a riot! I love that you did that! No worries, I did "Hot or Not" in college! I think we're all curious :)


Go you for having the guts to do it! I think you are a hottie.

tiburon said...


I didn't think it was possible for me to love you anymore.

Then WHAMMO. I did.

M-Cat said...

Now I'm gonna have to go check out these guys and their rating system.

BTW - great pics of you - cutie-patootie!