Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Celebrity Crush #2

I recently acquired all four seasons of the OC. I loved the show back in college when it was all the rage. I was working at Subway at the time, and my manager, Brian, and I would "talk OC" on Friday mornings while doing prep. I always had a thing for Seth Cohen (played by Adam Brody), and always thought the attraction was to the actor, but through careful conversation with Brian, we came to the conclusion that my soulmate was Seth Cohen, the character.

He exhibits that witty, charismatic charm that I'm always looking for. He has those dashing good looks. If there were a dictionary definition for my "type," his photo would be there.

Some funny Seth-isms I adore...
  • He uses sarcasm and irony to cope with life's hurdles
  • He doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut
  • He is madly, obsessively in love with Summer
  • He is a board-certified geek
  • He loves music
  • He is cautiously distracted 90% of the time
  • He has grade A geek-chic style
I know it's mildly inappropriate and irrational to have a huge crush on a fictional TV character, but real life has failed to produce anyone quite as intriguing.

Here's a cheeeeesy montage of Seth/Summer moments. Love the song (kudos to Ryan Adams for that bad boy). And in case anyone is dying to set me up (because it seems EVERYONE is these days) compare him to Seth Cohen first.


Ashlee said...

I had a crush on him too. He was really the only reason I started watching the OC.

tiburon said...

I am sooooo with you on this one.

Now I feel a little dirty.

TPlayer said...

So I know nothing about the OC. I've heard a lot from people but I'm clueless. I just watched that entire montage and had to kinda laugh at the fact that Summer was the one always jumping Seth. Not ONE time did he make the first move....hmmm?!

Jody said...

Well Ive never seen an episode of the OC but some Facebook quiz told me his character was the guy for me! LOL!

Shamae said...

I've never watched the OC but I can't help but think he would make a good Gayle if The Hunger Games gets made into a movie. ;)