Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Quit Playing Games With My Heart

I was driving home from the gym tonight, scanning the radio waves and stumbled upon a true classic. I was launched back to 1996, the year the Backstreet Boys debut album was released:

  • I was only 13 years old
  • I was in 8th grade at American Fork Junior High
  • I had braces on my teeth
  • I thrived on riding my bike to Smith's to buy cheap nail polish, Bonne Bell, colored mascara, and Lee press-on nails.
  • I was best friends with Kim Hansen - we bonded in band, she on the flute, I on the clarinet.
  • I had a crush on Sean Johnson - his place in my youthful crushes was sealed when Mr. Dickerson wanted he and I to get in "the crawl box" together (as the two smallest pupils in 7th grade science)
  • We had The Box (which was forbidden to watch, until my dad discovered that during the month of October Michael Jackson's Thriller could be requested - at that moment, the ban was lifted for a short time. Interestingly enough, the ban was again lifted for BSB's As Long As You Love Me as well). When this particular music video was released, it ended up on the air non-stop. It was during this time that I fell in love with Nick Carter - how can you NOT love him (and even the other four) sloshing around in the water?!
  • YouTube is retarded and won't let me embed video here, but if you want a reminder of how awesome Quit Playing Games With My Heart really was, click here. was so much simpler then.


{she + him} said...

I love the whole "remember the time" post. I love how songs can take you back...

There are songs that will randomly come on and it'll be one that reminds me of us and our roommationship together!! Rock on!

Yeah I just made that word up...but I have a feeling it should be used in every day vocabulary! Spread it like wild fire!!

c a n d a c e said...

Oh how i love this post!! I LOVED "As Long As You Love Me" because that takes me back to my band crush who played the Trumpet and I played the Clarinet as well.

Good one Stace -- I love this one!

Ashlee Garn said...

ah...classics! :) I was more of an N*Sync girl, but I had the Backstreet Boy CD's as well!

M-Cat said...

And now I am reminded about just how old I really am. Old enough to be your mother. Dammit

tiburon said...

I was 22. And now I feel VERY old.

Taren said...

the backstreet boys will always have a special place in my heart.

JMay said...

woah, blast from the past!