Thursday, March 11, 2010

Takeoffs and Landings

In the past eight days (that's 192 hours), I've driven to the Salt Lake International Airport no less than five times.

The first (Wednesday, March 3rd) was to drive myself, en route to Boise for what seemed the 50th time this year.

Second (Friday, March 5th) was to pick up the lovely and fabulous Tiburon and Hub from their excursion to Mexico.

Third (Saturday, March 6th) was to really pick up the lovely and fabulous Tiburon and Hub when their flight actually landed in SLC (I had my wires crossed the first time - silly me).

Fourth was this morning, being the amazing roommate that I am, to take Bre and the Skipper to catch their flight to a luxury resort in Mexico (seriously, what's with all the trips to Mexico - and why is no one taking me with them?!).

...And finally

Fifth was this morning, continuing to heighten my roommate status, to take Bre her passport, which she left, forlorn, on her bedroom desk.


Tripp Hazard said...

You are a very good roommate. I think I might have just told my roommate that either a) I would mail them the passport at their expense (with a nominal charge for my time) or b) I would bring them the passport for a premium (you could even use household chores like dishes or laundry as part of the premium).

Well, actually I would probably have just taken them the passport and they would have been grateful. But it's nice to think about what I COULD have done.

M-Cat said...

If I had known you were the shuttle for SLC Intnl, I would have called you to pick me up after my trip to Mexico instead of Tiburon

Ashlee Garn said...

You are WAY too nice! :) But I'm one to talk because I know I'd come take you your pick up you up in a heartbeat if you needed it :)

Evie's Story said...

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All the best

tiburon said...

And I so appreciate both trips you made to the airport on my behalf :)