Monday, February 15, 2010

Say a Little Prayer

My heart is so full right now.

I know the Flygare's through a couple different channels, most recently my association with them through my JDRF family. Mitch is the family's diabetic child - a burly 16 year old athlete with tremendous potential. I've known Mitch since he was a little boy, living in my family's ward, and have since fallen in love with their family as I have worked with them in our pursuits to find a cure for diabetes together.

Last Wednesday, February 10th, I heard from another t1 parent that Mitch was in a coma due to some complications with his diabetes. I was incredibly taken aback by this news, mostly because he is one of the healthiest kids I've had the pleasure to associate with and is in fantastic control of his diabetes. Immediately I had a panic and fear spread over me as I contemplated the implications of this. Earlier in the week, Laura and I had heard about a teenager from another chapter who had passed away from diabetes and we both remarked how awful it would be if one of our kids died. And here I was, faced with this very possibility.

On Thursday upon arrival at work, Laura, Jamee, and I let the tears roll as we realized what this family was going through. I always knew that these families touched and enriched my life, but I never thought that a situation such as this would affect me in such a way. Through a quick Facebook search, I discovered that Mitch's family had set up a blog to document his progress. I scanned the blog and realized the family was at the ICU at Primary Children's. We decided to head on up and visit to see if we could offer any comfort and try to get some answers ourselves.

Turns out, no one had any answers. The doctors are stumped at Mitch's condition. He presented with severe back pain and muscle spasms that were completely unbearable. In an effort to control the pain he was feeling, doctors thought it best to put him in a coma. They have tried to figure out where the spasms are coming from but haven't been able to. It breaks my heart to think about Mitch lying in a hospital bed, completely helpless, and a slave to his condition.

I hate this disease.

This week I also stumbled upon another heartwrenching story: the Staker family from Provo, and their sweet little Bronson's recovery. This family petitioned countless strangers throughout the blogosphere for prayers for their precious son. I know that the prayers of many can make a difference, and my testimony of that has been renewed this past week as I've read her updates.

I know that prayer can help Mitch in his fight as well. Mitch is a strong kid with an even stronger spirit, but even a simple prayer on his behalf could make a world of difference. If you're the praying type (or even not the praying type), please try to remember Mitch in your prayers. It would mean so much to me.


Candace said...

Thank you for sharing this heart-wrenching story, Stacey. He will be in my prayers and his name on the Temple prayer rolls. Lots of Love to his family... it's a terrible disease.


tiburon said...

That breaks my heart. Of course he is in our prayers.

Please keep us posted.

Shannon said...

That was so hard to read. It is so scary to think about!

I do want to tell you though I am so grateful for you and your position with the JDRF. It truly shows passion for what you are doing when you can cry and pray with the family. Stacey, you and the entire JDRF team are amazing! THANK YOU!

I too will pray for this boy and his family.

Brandan & Haylie said...

All I can say is that I too hate this disease!!!

We'll add the Flygare's to our prayers as well...

Keep us posted.

BTW I second what Shannon had to say about you.

Ashlee Garn said...

He is in mine! I'm praying for him now! I hope they find what it is and fix it, and hope even more that the doctor's find a cure!