Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sissy's New Shoppe's been a whole month since I posted. Holy cow.

Well, now it's time for some shameless marketing for my favorite sissy's new little shoppe. She is the proud owner of Feathered Whimsy, a place for fancy, feminine accessories (namely darling little headbands). I'm BEYOND proud of her. She's always been a crafty and domestic diva and she's finally been able to put her creative wiles to work for her!

Her Etsy shoppe has only been live a little over a week, and already she's being featured on another blog with a giveaway! Check it out and enter to win the Hayzl headband.

Feel free to spread the word. She's in the growth phase and would love new customers!


Ashlee Garn said...

Does she make baby headbands? :)

leigh + brian said...

Ashlee.. I do have some baby headbands I'm hoping to get them up sometime in the next week or so! So check back! :)