Saturday, February 20, 2010

Running Woes

You know that scene in Save the Last Dance where she's sitting on the edge of the bathtub and takes off her toe shoe, revealing a bloody mess of her toe? I kind of feel like that. No, my toes aren't bloody from running (yet), but try convincing my brain not to feel that kind of pain. It feels like with each long run, I give a layer of my toe skin as payment to the running gods.

Today's run was miserable. First of all, I was a big wuss and I didn't run outside, despite the gorgeous sun beating in my bedroom window. Second of all, I ate two bowls of Cheerios for breakfast, only about 90 minutes before leaving for the gym. I didn't make my 8 miles (training plan dictated), but didn't feel one ounce of disappointment in hopping off the treadmill and coming home.

It wouldn't be training season without me complaining about my toenails. The first started to turn black just two weeks into training (on the left foot), and the second followed suit about two weeks later. As a result, they haven't fallen off, they're hangin' on for dear life. I thought I'd document the "progress" immediately post-run for maximum effect.

Two black toenails

The left foot also has a beautiful blister to accompany the black nail

I'm writing as I sit in my papasan chair icing my knees (with two bags of frozen peas) in an attempt to ward off the inflammation that is sure to torment me for the better part of tomorrow. Oh, and please try hard not to judge the condition of my toes. They've had a rough 6 weeks.

p.s. PLEASE still pray for Mitch. His condition isn't getting any better, and his family has made the decision to move him to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. It breaks my heart!


Marianne said...

I think you should get different shoes...

M-Cat said...

Girl - you need to hit wasatch running company and have them get you fitted. There is no need for blisters or black toes. Promise!

Shannon said...

Amen on the new shoes! My hubby is training right now too. He went and got fitted with new shoes that are almost 2 sizes bigger than he normally wears. The reason? Because your feel swell when you run, if you start off with shoes that are too big they end up fitting just right as you run. Anyway there are my two cents.

I also have to say....this is another reason why I don't run! I am a wimp! :)

Princess Zelda said...

Cute Stace, real cute. . . U r doin' a good thing :) luv ya

Ashlee Garn said...

Seriously? You are NUTS! :) I always knew it, but this just proves it! :)