Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In case you're wondering...I want to have John Mayer's babies

I like to think that the fact that I've seen the Mayer perform in two countries makes me a "true fan." I mean, how many people (besides Tiburon) would invest the cash, time, and resources to go to a concert - two nights in a row? Canada came and went in a blur (all but the last 3 hours in the country, spent anxiously waiting a border crossing - but that's a story for later).

Getting into the country was easy - a quick 10 minutes off the I-5 and we were in business. As we meandered around Vancouver, we found our hotel and took to the primping. I learned firsthand just how expensive Canadian toiletries are. We had a wonderfully fantastic $16 caesar salad at the Shark Bar, puttered off to our $30 parking space, and made our way into GM Place in the misting rain.

Again, I wasn't overly jazzed to hear Franti again (and a wee bit pissed about our seats at the very back of the arena - fan seating, my ass), so the show was off to a great start. Once they drew the curtain, however, the Mayer anticipation set in with a vengeance. I was seriously freaking out again - Heartbreak Warfare rocked my pants right off (well, not literally, but you get the gist). The energy was already better than the night before - higher in ways that one cannot experience legally in the U.S. (if you catch my drift).

The fabulous set continued, and Mayer didn't disappoint. Despite the awful seats, the show was freaking amazing. The moment that absolutely made the trip was when flames lit up the stage and I heard that opening riff to Slow Dancing in a Burning Room. I'm not lying when I say I think I had a baby orgasm. The performance was so impassioned and I was transported back in time to the first time I heard it live at Red Rocks. Fabulous.

He again played Assassin, and again the mood was intense and the crowd was wild (and the lala girls were totally wigging out - hard to miss). The remainder of the set list was pretty good, with only a few standout parts - first of which was All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye acoustic. This was one of my favorites from Battle Studies (well, let's face it - there's not many that I dislike), and performed without the band, it was pretty dang good.

Second standout item of the evening - seeing Tiburon practically piss her pants when the intro to Neon started. She REALLY wanted him to perform this one (probably about the same as me wanting to hear Slow Dancing) and her reaction was seriously priceless.

Again, the closing song was Half of My Heart, and again, I totally dug it. This time, however, it was infused with a rendition of Don't Stop Believing (making for a fantastic combo). I think the Canadian Mayer fans did him proud (prouder than the American fans - but hey, when illegal substances are involved, is there really a contest?) and the energy prior to the encore was palpable - he didn't stay off stage for too long before coming back out and playing Who Says and Gravity. What a great way to wrap up the night. And again, Tib hasn't disappointed - her concert recap is stellar. Her video is amazing.

Some other non-Mayer related highlights:
  • Tib almost hitting an elderly lady
  • Waiting 3 SOLID hours to cross back into the USA (still surprised they let us back in - but had they not, there was another Mayer show in Calgary two nights later...just sayin')
  • Meeting Tib's awesome family and getting a better understanding of her "roots."
  • Eating Tib's mom's AMAZING cooking - a fab beef dish, and seriously, I'm not a beef eater - and I ate the ENTIRE thing.
  • NOT getting a stamp in my passport for leaving the country (ok, this really is a drawback - but in a post about Mayer, I can't say anything negative....unless it's about our seats)
  • CUPCAKES for breakfast!
  • Staying up until 3am talking like high schoolers
Best part of the whole thing? Knowing that in August, the whole affair can happen again, here in the SLC...he's performing at USANA on August 31st.


tiburon said...

I agree on all counts. Except for "The remainder of the set list was pretty good, with only a few standout parts" - I thought the set list was fan-freaking-tastic.

And I am ready to fight you on this point. To the death.

Let's do it again August. And September.

And October.

M-Cat said...

You and the Tib - two peas in a pod with the Mayer.
Glad you had such a great time!