Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Music I {heart}

As a music junkie, I "waste" too much tine scouring the internet for new music. It's not just the internet either - I hear music on TV shows (most often Grey's Anatomy and One Tree Hill), on commercials, in stores, and on movies. I have also learned that Murray Public Library has a DANDY CD collection. I have found a new favorite site, TuneGlue, that explores relationships between artists. It is amazing! Once you enter an artist or band and click "expand," it branches out into a web of related artists. I highly recommend giving it a try sometime.

Since I'm lacking the blogging "creative juices" tonight, I thought I'd share a few new artists/albums/songs that are currently tickling my fancy. Some are older loves that have resurfaced, but most are new finds - doing a lot of play time on the old iPod.
  • Rise Up by Ben Lee. This song is found on the not-yet-released Rebirth of Venus album and was featured on Grey's Anatomy last week. What a beautiful, delicate song! Not to mention the great scene it played behind on the show! Ben is a fab artist, with other such songs as Catch My Disease, Chills, What Would Jay-Z Do?, and Ripe. He even adequately covered The Beatles, In My Life.
  • Paris by Benton Paul. Benton opened last Friday for David Archuleta, but exhibited a musical maturity of someone with much more experience. He was a joy to watch, and melted my heart with his talent (not to mention, he hails from Highland, UT)! He spent some time in France, and managed to crank out this beautiful song - "I learned to talk in French. I learned to kiss in French," he said.
  • The Weepies iTunes Exclusive Live EP. I thought I had all there was to have of this fantastic mellow duo. The husband and wife have cranked out yet another great release. I would listen to The Weepies 24 hours a day. I know they're a smidge "easy listening," but once I heard The World Spins Madly On on Grey's (the gripping "bomb episode" in season 2), I was hooked.
  • Half Acre by Hem - found on an insurance commercial (of all places). Another mellow band, using a lot of soothing piano riffs, and that oh-so-common indie woman vocal. This track even boasts a clarinet (now think if I had never given up - I could have been Hem's clarinetist - haha).
  • Then by Brad Paisley. I'm not a country girl, by even the loosest definition, but this song quite nearly made me cry. He performed this beaut on American Idol a few weeks ago, and it helped me to see just the smallest glimpse of what my mom and dad, and numerous other long-time couples have in their relationships. Fantastic perspective!
  • Duet by Rachael Yamagata. She has partnered with one of my all-time favorite male vocalists, Ray LaMontagne, to sing this beautiful arrangement. The vocals compliment each other quite well - it's a fab song for bedtime.
  • Hazy by Rosi Golan. This indie gal was featured on One Tree Hill, and at the conclusion of the episode, I hopped on iTunes and downloaded the album immediately. Rosi features another uber-talented bearded vocalist, William Fitzsimmons. These two are some of my favorite finds of the new year.
  • The Fear by Lily Allen. Lily is a fearless British pop star, with questionable lyrics. I love her. The Fear is the first single off her newest album, "It's Not Me, It's You" and is a great little ditty.
  • Grizzly Bear's Yellow House album. No words to describe them. Favorite track? Knife.
  • David Archuleta's self titled album. I know, I'm 26 and I shouldn't have so much love for the underage Idol, but after seeing the kid perform live last weekend, my heart is brimming with love for Murray's own superstar. I think I have listened to his album at least 10 times since last Thursday when I started prepping for the show. I don't even think I can denote a favorite track. Judge all you want, but you know you secretly love him too.
Check 'em out. You won't regret it...just let me know when you've succumbed to your musical coma.


tiburon said...

So much mellowness...

I will get on some of these. Just.for. you.

Shamae said...

Oh I *heart* several of these too! I, however, enjoy country music (don't judge to harshly ;) so I was glad to see you throw the ever-so-yummy Brad's new song up there. I love a bit of everything. Excellent!

Rowley's said...

I actually went to school with Benton, and he is fantastic! I was so excited to hear that he opened for David! I haven't heard of anyone else you mentioned, but I'll have to check them out!

Heidi said...

I think it's cool that you try new music. I hardly turn on the radio.

TPlayer said...

I heart David and I'm even older than you...

Jody said...

I love both Ray and Rachel and have all their albums! If we ever have a boy we will probably name him after Ray LaMontange!!! Do you like Damien Rice or Alexi Murdock? You can check those out. My fav is "Orange Sky" by Alexi Murdock.

Ashlee Garn said...

Even though I have NO idea who most of these people are, I love reading what you have to write! You're amazing and you suck me in! I think you should write a book!