Sunday, April 12, 2009

She & Him pt. 2

Things continued this way for a couple months and things were fabulous for She and Him. They were fantastic friends with all the trust, communication, and laughter of any great relationship. They talked to each other about various topics, movies, music, and even dating experiences. So, when He went to North Carolina to meet up with another She, whom he spoke very highly of, even to the point of romantic interest, She thought nothing of it. He sought out her advice regarding how to handle the girl he was currently dating, and whether he should break up with her pre-emptively.

He came home from the East visibly unchanged, but with the Other She existing merely as a technology friend (phone, email, IM). She and Him continued to hang out multiple times per week, and He even took her to the airport for her 9-day jaunt to Seattle. She was scared when she realized that she had new, ever-familiar feelings for Him. Worries about how their friendship would be affected (as He was getting very chummy with the Other She - 0r at least as chummy as you can get 2,000 miles apart) crossed her mind often. Other worries included whether She really wanted to take the plunge and be vulnerable again, whether it was really worth it, whether or not She would win.

She desperately wanted to tell Him how she felt, but was content to continue hanging out as friends until she gained the courage. He mentioned to her that he had dreamt of her and that it was an "in-person tell." He picked her up and they went to Cafe Rio. The sat down with their food and He spit it out, ending with the question, "So, are you interested in me more than just a friend?" Caught off guard, She spit it out as well, embarrassed to the brim, and immediately thinking she would never speak to Him again (in normal, comfortable conversation).

To her disbelief, things were sticky for a short couple of weeks, and then they became inseparable. They hung out 4-5 times a week, and She tried fiercely to push thoughts of the Other She out of her reality. Talk of the Other She coming to town for Christmas break started, and immediately She began to feel insecure and anxious about the whole ordeal. While she was confident, She had never met this Other girl, and She had no idea what kind of "competition" she had.

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