Friday, April 24, 2009

a day off

When this girl takes a day off, there had better be a good reason. Today's "good reason" was that I have accumulated too much vacation/sick/comp time and I now have to burn it off before it expires. SO, I tried to think of what fun things I could pack into my day to make it worth the time out of the office. Normally, when I have a day to myself, I run, sleep in, go to a movie, bake something, and/or (if it's warm), lay out. Since I overdid it on my run on Wednesday, and I decided to give it another go last night (and aggravated the injury), the run was out. I did manage to sleep in (until 8:30...haha), and lounged around in my bed, checking emails and watching Gilmore Girls until about 11 am.

Last night, while recovering from the 2-miler Bre and I did, I stumbled across a FAB baking blog. Since I'm single and I don't have a husband to cook for, I end up trying my hand at some new and different baking projects. THIS was the recipe that caught my eye last night. When I finished getting ready this morning, I threw on my shoes and walked up to the Smith's. After filling my basket with my supplies (and some impulse items), finished ringing myself up at the self-check and reached for my debit card. Since I didn't have my purse, I didn't have my debit card. I summoned the self-check babysitter over to my station and told her my problem. Sadly, I did have to leave behind my strawberries, doritos, and vitamin water. I only had enough cash for the essentials.

I wasn't sure I had enough time to throw these delicious morsels of goodness together before I had to leave for my 1 o'clock appointment with Braden, my new masseuse (he got a good tour of the assets...sadly, my running injury is in the gluteus region), but I worked at lightning fast speed and got them in the oven with just enough time to garnish before running out the door. I'm proud of these little beauts! They were quite the accomplishment for moi.

Back to Braden, my new best friend, who singlehandedly (well, doublehandedly, really) pressured the kinks out of my back and booty. He was quite the attractive devil as well. Secretly, I had hoped that he would be ugly so I wouldn't be so self conscious about my bare booty on the massage table, but was fantastically pleased when Braden came into the waiting room to take me to the massage table. What a glorious hour. Let's hope the effects carry on into tomorrow's 8-mile run.

Maybe tomorrow, if I'm feeling super ambitious after the run and the SWEET BBQ, I'll try my hand at these. Don't you wish you lived at my house?? Come on over...I'm more than willing to share :)


Shamae said...

My goodness girl...if I lived in SLC I would so be there. They look delish! Oh and I was laughing out loud at your massage story. Syd actually came over to see what I was laughing at. Glad you have a hottie for rubbing the pains out of your booty. :D Hope you had a nice day off!

TPlayer said...

Why are you holding out on me?! Didn't I tell you I've been looking for someone to work on my kinked neck (hence being so prone tomigraines, etc)? I need Braden's phone number...and not just because you say he's attractive. After all, I'm not sure my booty can compete with your booty, but I would be PC enought to call him my "massage therapist"...Masseuse sounds so...well...ya know

Jody said...

How much does he charge? I can't believe how domestic you are! But I am utterly appointed that you can't sleep in that late. I will "loan" you Akira for a few days so that you can fully appreciate being able to sleep in! ;)