Sunday, April 12, 2009

She & Him pt. 1

**Long short-story style post - proceed with caution (and read carefully - lots of personal pronouns!)**
She thought she would have an ordinary night at home. Her roommate was going to dinner with an old friend so she would have the apartment to herself. After making the suggestion of Cafe Rio for their dinner, She decided that it sounded good herself, and made the mighty trek for takeout. They asked her to sit down and eat with them, noting that they had just been discussing various options of guys to set her up with. Yes, it was decided, He would be great. She asked the particulars (his looks, tastes, background), and they set up the meeting for that night. They would all watch The Darjeeling Limited together that very evening. He had to pick up his parents from the airport, but would be on his way shortly. The threesome played cards to pass the time.

When He walked in, She wasn't too impressed. He was growing a beard, that had amassed the size of a small nation by that point, he was on the short-ish side, and she was left wondering why her newfound friend, Eric, and her roommate would think that She would be interested in Him. The remainder of the night was uneventful, but impressions were made, and she thought to never give another thought to the gentleman.

Nights later, Bre mentioned that Eric and Him had been asking about her. It appeared that there was a shared interest (however so mild) between the two guys. When, later that week, Eric came by her house, She confessed that she was first attracted to and wanted to date him, not his friend. He let her know that he was dating someone, but that she should give his friend a chance - because He was really interested in getting to know her. If at the end of this "chance," things didn't work out, Eric hoped that She would still be interested in going out. It was almost the challenge she needed to go out with Him - even without the initial attraction.

Two months passed, and no further attraction developed between She and Him. However hard She tried, She couldn't make herself fall in love with him. They went out sometimes twice a week. She couldn't put her finger on it either - there was something holding her back. They always had a fantastic time together, but She didn't enjoy thinking about Him holding her hand, or kissing her, the way She had with other guys. After a good coaching session with Eric and Bre, She decided it would be best to end it now, and hopefully try to keep his respect, and possibly forge a friendship out of it.

The conversation came and went easily. She said her piece, and He didn't even seem phased by her lack of interest. She was incredibly sorry (since she very well knew how bad it felt to hear someone say they weren't interested in you) and thought she broke his heart. Even discussing it with Eric and Bre afterwards, they both thought that He would still be willing to be her friend, although it would probably take a few weeks for him to get over it. However, the very next weekend, She wanted to go see a movie, and He had become her favorite movie buddy, so She gave him a call. They picked up as though nothing had even happened (with the only exception to their new relationship being that She bought her own movie ticket).

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Ashlee Garn said...

What spurred the start of this story? All familiar to me...just wondering 'why the resurface?'