Tuesday, March 24, 2009

RUNNING for a cure!

Ok Friends...as you all know, I'm a Special Event Coordinator for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. It's a wonderful job and I am blessed to be involved with such an amazing organization with such a focused mission: finding a cure for diabetes. My job involves planning and executing our Chapter's FIVE Walks to Cure Diabetes each fall. Not only do I plan the Walks, but I am also responsible to guide the fundraising activities of the chapter around these Walks.

The past two years, I have asked for donations to support my family Walk team, Cap'n Mac's Mates, as THEY Walk for a cure in Utah County. They have been kind and supportive enough to hop on board and fundraise with me since i got my job in 2007. I couldn't ask for a better family! THIS year, while the funds will still be supporting their team, I will be participating in an additional feat of endurance. Since I am never able to actually WALK on Walk day (because I am working "behind the scenes"), I decided to run a half marathon this year to raise money for my Walk team.

The longest race I have ever run is a 4-miler on Thanksgiving day. A half marathon really will be a challenge for me, and I would like nothing better than to say that I was able to raise $1,000 for diabetes research as a "perk" to finishing those 13.1 miles on June 13th. My goal is always $1,000, but the most I have been able to personally raise is $500. I have been diligently training for this race, and have found it to be incredibly difficult and painful. I know how personally satisfying it will be to cross that finish line, but I also know how much it will mean to the families I work with that I did this for them too.

To learn a little more about JDRF and diabetes, there is a video posted at http://www.supportthischarity.com/cure2008. These kids are actually kids from Utah and yes, they actually have diabetes. You can also read about this on my JDRF post here on the blog.

If you are able, please take a moment to click on the thermometer on my Facebook page where it says "Donate Now." I will love you forever (and probably give you a shout out on my blog for your kind generosity) if you do. You can also click this link: http://walk.jdrf.org/support.cfm?id=87309357 and it will take you straight to my fundraising page. Thank you so much!

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