Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tidbits About Training

It's hilarious to think that in 3 months time I will have added "completed half marathon" to my life accomplishments. When I was in Mrs. Scott's PE classes in Junior High, we would do a "fun run" every Wednesday. This "fun run" was a 1.5 mile loop around the school. Everyone laughed and joked about its name - it was "fun" when it was over. It's hard to think back to when I was winded just by running 1.5 miles.

Seasons change and metabolisms slow and there I was, nearing my graduation from college, and I found myself running again - this time by choice. My first run outside was a complete and utter joke, achieving maybe one mile before I dragged myself up my front steps. I declared, upon entering my parents' house, that I would never be doing "that" again. I took to the elliptical for months before I ever dared run on the pavement again.

Moving to Salt Lake brought interesting challenges, and my job was an inactive desk job. I noticed a gain of about 10-15 pounds one summer, and determined to have dropped a pant size before my boyfriend returned from Boston, I started running once more. I later purchased a gym membership, and began to consider myself a serious "athlete."

Little did I know, when reuniting with an old group of girlfriends, that I would be propositioned to run a half marathon. I have been running consistently since about December, but never in quantitative mileage that one who attempts this feat would boast. I had entertained the idea of a half marathon last year (as part of my lame attempt at New Year's Resolutions), but never really buckled down. So, I agreed, and here I am, 4.5 weeks into my formal training and I have a few observations to share.
  • Bananas are my fruit of choice - they increase my endurance, decrease muscle cramps, and they're fast and convenient.
  • The tone of my skin (not just on my face) has gotten much nicer since I started training! It's much softer and more supple :)
  • The inclusion of water in one's diet cannot be underestimated. My goal is to drink one full gallon per day - something I achieve most days of the week. I feel so much better after a run when I'm adequately hydrated!
  • Running medicated is the only way to go. My preferred cocktail: 5 Ibuprofen, 15 minutes before starting my run.
  • The proper synthetic attire (i.e. sports bras) make a HUGE difference. Not just in support - they wick moisture away from my body and make me feel less of a sweaty mess when I'm done. In that same vein, I've learned I can't run in pants! They make my legs feel so heavy and ultimately slow me down - leggings and shorts only, please!
  • My feet and legs have taken a huge toll - I have blisters on the ends of all my toes except the big ones, and I have a feeling that I will start losing toenails within the next 2-3 weeks. My legs are perpetually sore and sometimes I walk with a limp because of it.
  • There is no better running partner than an iPod Shuffle. Period.
I have 11.5 weeks of training remaining. I dare say, I'm in for a bumpy ride.


TPlayer said...

I loved the ibuprofen comment. It seriously made me laugh out loud, considering I just popped 3 after my 15 mile biking at the gym. I need to eat more bananas...oh! and I'm glad I'm not the only one who's toe is suffering. No matter how short I clip them, I have one on my right foot that I swear is doomed, because it's numb 24/7.

PS...let's go sports bra shopping! oh and one more thing...Glucosamene will save your joints! I highly recommend it

Eileen said...

Sorry to be creepy. But anyone near me that holds still for any length of time is at risk of getting their photo taken by me.

Interesting facts about staying healthy. High Five!

bearcloa (I like to share the word verifications) Deal with it.

tiburon said...

You said supple.

And you are a rockstar. I might be a machine - but I could never run a 1/2 marathon!

You do the running and I will do the rest ;)

Brandon or Michelle said...

a GALLON of water are you SERIOUS?! girlfriend, you have QUITE the bladder, I'll tell you what.

I would like to say that even before I knew anything about your current buffness, I saw an airport picture of my fam with you in it and I thought to myself, "That stacey is lookin' HOT! what's the secret about her skin?"

now I know it's running. dang you. :)

Robyn said...

Thanks for telling me you have a blog! I had to find it through Eileen's blog!! I meant to email you last week and wish you a happy birthday, sorry I am lame and never did it. Know that I had happy thoughts of you on your birthday! I think it is awesome that you are going to do a half marathon-you rock!