Monday, June 15, 2009

Tan Lines

During the course of my 14 hour work day today, I managed to soak up some sun. Today was our Golf Marathon (and marathon, it was). I arrived at Eaglewood Golf Course at 5:30am (an ungodly hour I only see usually 4 times a year) to help set up the affair, fully anticipating a drop in temperature and heavy rains after lunch. I was unequipped - no sunscreen. The day remained beautiful from sun up until I went home around 7:15pm. I set up shack on the 4th hole - babysitting the contenders for the hole-in-one Harley Davidson prize. There was a canopy, but because the clouds kept floating over the sun and causing me to contemplate putting my jacket back on, I opted to sit in front of the canopy, attempting to develop a little color. I pulled up the legs of my pants to just above my knee and bunched up the sleeves of my shirt, exposing my shoulders (*gasp*). I made sure my eyes were covered with UV protection 400 (the max provided in sunglasses), and tried to make the best of it.

The lines are quite comical. I'll start with the mildest and work my way up.

Exhibit A
: above the knee. My legs now have two tan lines - one where my running shorts hit and one (slightly more crimson) where my pants pushed up to on the golf course.
Exhibits B & C: shoulders and neckline. I now am sporting a beautiful stripe down the inside of both arms and a tasteful red v-neck. Too bad my star necklace didn't stay place long enough to make a lasting impression.

Exhibit D: coon eyes. I mentioned putting on my sunglasses early in the day. As I felt my forehead burning, The thought of coon eyes crossed my mind, but I seriously underestimated the power of UV-A & B. Now I look somewhat akin to what I imagine Rocky Raccoon would have looked like, had the Beatles done a video (only prettier, and with blonde hair).

AND last, but not least (my favorite) Exhibit E: the Zong. Years ago, I had a few friends who lifeguarded during the summer and the season was validated once the imprint of their Chacos was left on their feet. I managed to validate my summer in just one day on the golf course.

Despite what one may think, I had a relatively good time today. And, even though I may have multi-colored extremities, I'm thinking of taking up the sport.


Shamae said...

Dang. Sexy feet. lol ;) Sorry for the sunburn but I hope you enjoyed the sun!!

Jody said...

Crazy lines Stace! I've got some pretty sweet inverted "V's" on my feet form long walks in my flip flops!
P.S. You've been tagged!