Tuesday, June 9, 2009

*Shameless Marketing for Giveaway Today

So, I meandered upon this great site awhile back, and have now started visiting it as part of my morning ritual. They are a marketing site for businesses and they give stuff away. For free. No. strings. attached. I have their button on my sidebar, but it's definitely worth checking out (even if you don't win, you could find your new favorite products). You can find them at http://giveawaytoday.blogspot.com. I have YET to win anything, but I've got everything crossed that I win the 90 minute massage from Sego Lily Day Spa today...


tiburon said...

Do you go there before or after me?

Brandon or Michelle said...

thanks lady. I entered for the fabric. i love me some fabric.

ps- you look super hot in your running numbers from st. george. (is that where it was? i am braindead.)

pps-I can't wait to hear about more boy adventures. :)