Monday, May 11, 2009

Match Made in another 15-20 Years

Meet Ethan:
Ethan is one of my favorite kids with diabetes. Don't you think he kinda resembles Bon Jovi? Many have told me I'm crazy for seeing this resemblance, but I think it's there. Well, mostly Ethan's mom, Tiburon, is one of my favorite people in the chapter (and don't get jealous - I have a lot of favorites around these parts). . The saddest thing is, he's broken his elbow, and now he's out for the baseball season because he has to have surgery...let's all say it together, "POOR Ethan!"

So I wondered what I could do to cheer him up.

Enter Sydney:
Syd is now one of my favorite girly girls from JDRF. Her mom, Shamae, is pretty much 'da bomb, and one of my new best friends. Isn't she such a beauty (not to mention, has a FAB taste in movies)?? Well, one time Shamae mentioned to me that Syd thought Ethan was cute (Shamae has a bit of an addiction for blog stalking, and stumbled across Tib's blog with the help of yours truly), so I thought I'd try something out. In my opinion, Syd could put a smile on Charlie Chaplin...

In 15 years when I set these two up (I will be 40 and bored out of my mind...much like all the peeps trying to set me up these days), they will fall madly in love, get married and make babies together. THIS is what they will look like: maybe two FAB looking kids don't make the most beautiful baby. You just wait til baby Bon Jovi grows up!


Shamae said...

Oh I love this post Stacey! Sydney will love it too because she thinks Ethan is pretty studly! I can't wait to show her in the morning!! You rock!

By the way if that is my future grandbaby, I think he is adorable! :-)

tiburon said...

Oh my gosh!! That is the CUTEST THING EVER. Not that kid though - that kid is creepy.

But the hook up is WAY cute. I will have to send Ethan in Sydney's direction in about 34 years ;)