Sunday, February 8, 2009

2009 Grammy Affair

Most who know me understand my love of music. Interestingly enough, I didn't really get a handle on this obsession until I was about 19. I realized, as I was listening to a live album by Ben Harper, laying on the floor in the dark, that I REALLY loved music. I have since adopted this behavior as a staple in my lifestyle. My friends often remark how strange it is that I LOVE to be alone, listening to music, savoring the essence that is contained therein. Of course I have those never-fail, tried-and-true musicians, such as John Mayer, Ben Harper, and Coldplay, but I have found myself incorporating new peeps into the rotation: Ray LaMontagne, Adele, Bon Iver, and The Weepies, just to name a few.

There are a few nights of the year I anticipate (like some do with the Superbowl): the Golden Globes, the Grammys, and the Oscars. Golden Globes have passed, Oscars are just a couple of weeks into the future, but tonight were the Grammys. My little musically obsessed brain spins with excitement like a kid on Christmas as I watch the night unfold with numerous live performances, tributes, and honors awarded. Though I don't always agree with the nominees or the winners, it's almost always a great event. Not to mention, John Mayer has performed the last three years.

Some of my personal highlights of the evening (in no particular order):
  • John Mayer doing a jazz tribute with B.B. King - the man is a guitar genius!
  • Katy Perry performing "I Kissed a Girl" in a fruity ensemble, stepping out of a giant banana to kick-off the number.
  • The JONAS BROTHERS! I know i'm almost 26, but these Disney-bred, teen superstars make my heart throb! I was initially introduced to these underaged phenoms by way of JDRF when Nick Jonas was diagnosed with diabetes (and released a song about the diagnosis). Now I'm just looking for a buddy to come with me to see the 3D experience on February 27th - any takers??
  • Adele winning Best New Artist (even though she beat out those Jonas boys, she's still got a ROCKIN voice)!
  • Radiohead performing 15 Steps off their stellar, grammy-nominated album In Rainbows. Some of you non-Radiohead fans will recognize this song from the movie Twilight.
  • Kanye West and Estelle singing "American Boy." Kanye was sporting the early 90's haircut - the almost-mullet (kind of like the pre-child molestation days of Michael Jackson).
  • Coldplay winning Best Rock Album - and don't they deserve it! This one has spent numerous days on repeat on my iPod.
  • John Mayer WINNING Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for "Say," one of the songs off the soundtrack of my life. If only he had gotten to perform it :(
While there were great moments, there was also one that profoundly disturbed me - M.I.A. performing on her DUE DATE! HELLO?! There's a 9-month, full-grown fetus in your uterus and you still want to perform? Not to mention her heinous outfit. Her sheer little number BETTER have earned worst-dressed in EW this week. By the way, there's a polka dot patch on the back side as well. Behold:

So, that's Grammy wrap-up for 2009. Maybe next year Chris Brown can refrain from roughing up his girlfriend so he can make it to the show to sing his song. When your girlfriend's as hot as Rihanna, what do you have to complain about?? Maybe he thought she's the girl that Katy Perry is referring to...and she liked it.

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Ashlee Garn said...

Outfit...BAD! And have YOU ever kissed a girl?